#YREStayActive Winners Announced!

The #YREStayActive mini-competition about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene has now ended! We received lots of great submissions from our creative Young Reporters and National Operators were invited to assess the entries. These are the top three:

2nd Place Winner:

Hand Washing - Clean Hands Keep Germs Away (Mauritius)

3rd Place Winner:

Saving Water While Hand Washing (Malta)

In addition, we also want to highlight two runner-ups:

Sustainable Food…To Us And To The Environment (Portugal)

Let's take the first step to improve the condition and quality of water in Župa Nikšićka (Montenegro)

Thank you to everyone who participated! #YREStayActice takes a break over Christmas but will start again on January 15th. The next mini-competition will be about Waste Management and Littering and in collaboration with the UNESCO Trash Hack Campaign!