Young Reporters on a mission at the COP 22

YRE International is giving our programme participants various opportunities to participate in the international conferences related to environmental issues. This year, we are sending two Young Reporters from Portugal,  Joana Pedro and Filipa Murta to the Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco. The conference will take place from 7 to 18 November. They will be reporting on workshops and other events from the conference venue. Their reports and stories will be shared on YRE Exposure page and YRE Facebook and Twitter

Joana Pedro

'Having been chosen to be present in the COP22 is a great honour. I am really excited to go to Marrakesh and to have the oportunity of taking part in this conference as an YRE. I hope to be up to the task, that it meets my expectations and also concedes me the chance to get to know other YRE's that share some of my motivations and thoughts.'

Her experience as a YRE Student began in 2011, when a teacher introduced her to the YRE programme in Portugal. 'I had never dreamt to be a journalist my love for the environment and nature made me become interested to discover the project. Since then I have participated in 4 seminars in Portugal, 4 missions and 1 workshop, and I am eager to continue to be a part of it, since it has just got me fond memories, loads of good friends, knowledge and the opportunity to develop new skills.'

Filipa Murta

'With Young Reporters for the Environment, my professional and personal evolution has been remarkable. In 2012, I joined this project and it’s easy to recognize the variety of activities that provides us. I started as a Eco-Reporter of Energy and later became a Young Reporter for the Environment. I also participated in missions and seminars, sharing knowledge with other colleagues', Filipa says. 

'I am excited about the opportunity to go to a place where I have never been, with a culture that is also new to me. I will be active throughout my stay in Marrakech. I will try to enjoy the cultural differences, utilize my English during the conference, and establish new contacts'. 

Watch the video below, to know more about Filipa.