YRE student at Piece Summit of Emerging Leaders in Bangkok

Yoorha Kang from South Korea will travel to Thailand to participate in the inaugural Piece Summit of Emerging Leaders which is taking place in Bangkok from 28th to 30th of November. The conference is organized by Humanitarian Affairs Asia and aims to gather 500 young leaders from different parts of the world and give them an understanding and broader perspective on the vitally important subject of Peace.

In addition to being a regular participant in the conference, Yoorha will work as a young reporter preparing an article and a video on specific topics of interests. Her journalistic pieces will be published on YRE Exposure in the beginning of December. She will also be making posts for our social media platforms so remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Read more about Yoorha in her short biography below.

“I was an observer in the past, but now I’m an action-oriented person believing what I’m doing really can make our world more sustainable”

YRE profile_YRK.jpeg

My name is yoorha Kang from South Korea. I am a graduate student majoring in biomedical science at Seoul National University. Since I was young, I’ve wanted to become a scientist who can devote oneself to prosperity of humanity by prolonging the human’s lifespan and seeking the way to make the world better. I thought that those goals can only be achieved by studying medicine and biology. That’s why I decided to major in biology. However, every spring people in South Korea suffered from microdust. Every morning, people checked the level of microdust in the air via application or news and always carried masks for protecting them from microdust which causes oneself severe diseases in pulmonary or Bronchus. Besides microdust, various environmental problems due to excessive development are happening literally everywhere and this makes me realize that what we are facing now is just the tip of the iceberg and we need to take action before it become deteriorating.

Since then my interest in the environment has become bigger and bigger, which finally led me to work for FEE KOREA. I’ve been involved in FEE KOREA over 1 year and now I’m in charge of Eco-Schools Korea and really enjoy what I do. Working in a FEE changes who I am. I was an observer in the past, but now I’m action-oriented person believing what I’m doing really can make our world more sustainable and now I have no doubt that Environment can be a golden key which leads us to a better world that I’ve been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl.

This time, I luckily could have a wonderful opportunity to be nominated as representative of YRE and will attend Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders 2018 held in Bangkok. On behalf of YRE international, I want to share our enthusiasm towards environment with other delegates and play the role as a catalyst to improve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).