YRE Hub is a new platform for YRE Students and Alumni to share their inspiring stories on an international level and showcase their work within the fields of sustainability and environment. It is also a place to find inspiration, express opinions, and connect with others.

Students are encouraged to share stories that are positive, constructive, well-researched and that inspire people to take action. It can be articles, photo stories or videos about local environmental issues, different SDGs, personal experiences as YRE or any other story that in some way contributes to Education for Sustainable Development.

In a period of time where media is often depressing, I have this community of young journalists who remind me that it is possible to make an impact through the stories we publish.
— Allison Gacad, YRE Alumnus, Canada

How to Publish a Story on YRE Hub

YRE Students and Alumni who want to publish a story can contact their National Operator and ask for the log-in details to the platform. They can then follow this step-by-step guide to share their story with the world.

The two very first stories on YRE Hub written by Vinh Le and Allison Gacad are excellent examples and can serve as inspiration: