YRE forms partnership with Little Citizens For Climate

YRE International has formed a partnership with the non-profit association Little Citizens For Climate (LCFC). LCFC is affiliated to the federation of clubs for UNESCO and is also collaborating on a national level with our FEE member Teragir. The partnership will provide YRE students who are particularly interested in and concerned about climate change an additional platform to showcase their work.

The below paragraphs were written by LCFC to inform about the association and to explain how to participate.


Children, and in particular those who live in the countries that are the most threatened by global warming, are heirs of an alarming ecological situation. We want to offer these children a space where they can express themselves, exchange and take action in order to give them a means to defend their rights, make their voices heard and take initiatives.

We encourage teachers, monitors, educators and parents who are interested in helping with this initiative to assist our children in creating a project relating to the current environmental urgency.

With the authorisation of their legal guardians, each step of the project should be filmed. We will complete the video editing and broadcast it on the following YouTube channel: Little Citizens for Climate. Projects can be done individually or in collaboration with other groups and in any country or language.

The children define themselves as an “Ecological Brigade” whose goal is to educate the adults.


At the same time, each child will have the chance to meet other children from around the World under the supervision of young Ambassadors. These Ambassadors, ages 12 to 18, are particularly motivated and have a longstanding involvement in the defense of the Environment. They are dedicated to informing the younger children, empowering them and helping to motivate them in taking their own initiatives.

Our server is equipped with an automatic translation system so that language will not be a barrier in communication between the children. The environmental cause is universal.


At LITTLE CITIZENS FOR CLIMATE, we have noticed that existing pedagogical resources are created by adults, for children. However, we believe that cooperative learning is the best way for children to acquire a solid knowledge base. With their own words, approach and sensitivity a child will be best suited to find ways to relate to and communicate with peers concerning these topics so that, together, they can find solutions that are meaningful and accessible to them.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and,through their role as Little Trainers on our website,they will be able to prepare for the challenges they will have to face in the future. The future of all living things is in their hands since the adults have failed to do their part.


  • You can send us your videos with the topic of your choice as long as it respects the following criteria: it has young people as the main actors and it concerns the environment. We will take care of the editing and the writing of subtitles for the videos for you.

  • You can subscribe to our YouTube channel in order to stay updated on our latest broadcasts and help us share our channel and videos to children around the globe.

  • You can help us connect with other organizations or project leaders that may be interested in developing a partnership.

  • You can join our association.

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