Young Scottish reporters interview government officials

For the last two years the winning entries in the 'Our environment' competition, run in collaboration with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, have been from the Eco-Schools and YRE teams, in the 11 years and older categories.

During the past year, young reporters have had the opportunity to interview five government ministers on subjects ranging from youth engagement in sustainable development, COP21, international development, character education and language skills for a low carbon future.

Young people engaged with the World Wide Views Global Citizen consultation on Climate and Energy, facilitated in the UK by Keep Scotland Beautiful Education and Learning. This was an important step in the process of UNFCCC, raising the profile of Article 6 through more citizen participation in 76 countries. As a result of the consultation, UNFCCC decided in Bonn to rename Article 6 (Education and Participation) to ACE - Action for Climate Empowerment.