Call for participation!!

Young Reporters meet Young Reporter

YRE International is inviting Young Reporters around the world to an online meet-up event for the first time!

This event is going to be organised to mark YRE's new initiative, Global Action Days. The Global Action Days is a call for all students and teachers around the world to be active and share their actions on being more sustainable in our modern world. More information can be found here.

As for the very first guest, we will invite Dr. Ayşe Asatekin, who is a former Young Reporter from 1996 and 1997. She went on a YRE Mission to Rochefort, France in 1996 to see their wastewater treatment system that also serves as a wildlife refuge and to The Reunion in 1997 to learn about microwave energy transfer. She is happy to meet with Young Reporters around the world and speak about her experience through YRE programme.

She studied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, graduated valedictorian. She received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and pursued post-doctoral research at MIT. Her research has focused on water treatment throughout her career. She co-founded a small company for commercializing new water filters she developed in her Ph.D., called Clean Membranes, currently operating near Boston. She returned to academia and is now an assistant professor at Tufts University in the Medford, MA, USA near Boston. She is excited to talk to her students about the water treatment facility in Reunion that was a bird preserve, and about clean energy sent from the orbit by microwaves. She and her research group are working on developing new membrane technologies for water treatment and energy-efficient chemical manufacturing. She admits that the YRE experience definitely made a big difference in her trajectory.

YRE International will also invite Young Reporters to be interviewers to Ayşe. If you are a Young Reporter interested participating in the event as an interviewer, read the "call for application". 

YRE International is planning to host a series of online meet-up events inviting different guests from YRE network.