We Don't Have Time: a new platform for you to share your stories and make your voice heard even more!!

As YRE Hub, We Don’t Have Time gives you a platform to share your environmental actions and stories! Make your voice heard even more as a YRE who wants to make a difference!

Do you want businesses and world leaders to act on the climate crisis? We Don’t Have Time makes it easy for you to reach them. By joining the largest review platform on climate action, you can both share good examples of climate action with the world and be a part of a group of changemakers that put pressure on companies to act faster and take climate action. Have a dialogue with companies, world leaders and major organizations, for free. Download the We Don't Have Time app or visit our website and follow this guide to learn how.


We Don’t Have Time - new institutional partner of the YRE Programme

WeDontHaveTime.org is the world's largest review app for climate solutions. We offer you a platform to establish a climate dialogue with your stakeholders and influence the world together. Through the power of many, we influence politicians, businesses, and individuals to act on the climate crisis.

Institutional Partners — Young Reporters for the Environment (yre.global)