The Best Young Environmental Journalists have been Announced!

2015 YRE winners have been selected by representatives from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Institute for Industrial and Environmental Economics (IIEEE), Wrigley Company Foundation, International journalist, YRE Student (1996), communications strategist, writer, filmmaker (Longyearbyen Consulting & Media) and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Seven articles, six photographs and eight videos were awarded to young environmental journalists from twenty-four countries.

“If sustainable development is to be a reality, youth will be at the centre of the needed transition. Today’s consumers, tomorrow’s decision makers – youth will define our success.  The YRE winners represent some of these potential change makers. Through their words, photos and videos we see how change can be inspired. Congratulations to the winners and in fact to all entrants.  We need to harness your energy and find more for the challenges ahead!” -  Garrette Clark, Sustainable Lifestyles Cities and Industry Branch, UNEP.

Julie Saito from UNESCO added: “Many of the entries this year stood out in approaches which dig into the familiar theme in drawing attention to environmental issues.”

YRE international competition is open for countries running the YRE programme and the participating students. To begin, students compete at a national level, the winners are then put forward to the international competition. Whether participating as an individual or through a school, college, university or youth group, the competition is open to students ages 11-21.  The YRE programme and competition is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education national member organisations.

Judges at the international level select a winning article (up to 1,000 words), photograph or photographic essay (up to 12 photographs) and video (up to 3 minutes) in each of three age categories (11-14; 15-18; and 19-21). The Jury is at liberty not to award in the case of too few submissions and to give more than one award in the case of exceptional entries in one or more age categories.

3,910 entries were made at a national level from twenty-four countries. From this, the Jury received 120 entries, which were winners on a national level. Thursday 28, the international winners were selected, 43 articles, a photo and 34 videos.

All winners will be awarded a certificate and given a prize of some hi-tech equipment.




  • 1st Place: Polk County: Strangled, Madeline McDonough (USA)
  • 2nd Place: Battery reloaded, BOULEY Florian, BOYEAUX William, CHARPENTIER Alexandre, FARSI Salsabil, GERME Lorie, GOVIN Morgane, JOUBERT Aurélien, KEYHANI Alexandre, LEGLISE Arthur, LOGLISCI Matisse, MANGIONE Maxime, MOKHTARI Amdjed, NOEL Fanny, ROYER Alan, TODESCO Léna, VILO Olivia (France)
  • 3rd Place: The Asian Hornet a threat to our orchards and gardens, Manuel Barros (Portugal)


  • 1st Place: Community gardens, a solution for a healthy and profitable life-style, Maria Patreli (Greece)
  • 2nd Place: Big development projects…big environmental challenges, Marios Daniel, Kyriaki Hadjichambi, Katerina Papamiltiadous (Cyprus)
  • 3rd Place: Boiling the Planet Away! , Sarah Brabham, Alice Holder (Wales)


  • Honourable mention: Solar Panel Irrigation… a promising technique making its way silently, Aicha Oujidi, Oumaima Jaouad, Houda Assahsah, Mohamed Mesbahi, Khaoula Yagoubi, Aziz Zeryouh (Morocco)




  • 1st Place: Your mercy, my Lord!, Kawtar Laâkouss, Ayoub Ouhadou (Morocco)
  • 2nd Place: Our Children´s Classroom?! , Samuel Šlesar, Izabela Žilková, Kristína Ondrášová (Slovakia)
  • Honourable mention: The new role of mankind in natural balance, BUISSON Alexandre, VIDAL Pierick, VON BONSDORFF Felix, HRYC Sebastian, RAMOS-SALADO Raquel, JORDANA Roxane, BASCLE Morgane, MARGANI India, LANGGUTH Elisa, FLEURY Sofia, DRUMOND Nicolas, CUADRADO Chiara, GUTTMANN Sarah, DEHU Ellina, GUZMAN Liliana, TYAN Elena, AHR Elisa, PLOQUIN Charline, GREBIL Eloïse, STINTON Orane, RONSIER Amélie, LASNES Claudine, NILSSON Gustav, PAQUET-MOUGEY Wilfried, DAIAN Yoav (France)


  • 1st Place: Shout For Help, Silvia Vandžúrová (Slovakia)
  • Honourable mention: Wish to see the scenery clearly, Ma Yilin (China)


  • 1st Place: What do we breathe? , Hanae Boudine, Wijdane Naaoui (Morocco)




  • 1st Place: Cats beware of canned food, Ofri Inbar, Geffen Inbar (Israel)
  • 2nd Place: Roubin express, AYE Mathilde, BISVALTER BRENIERE Valentine, DEFRASNE Yann, DESORGUES Laure, LEROY Léa, MAS Alice, PIRO Alexia, ROUSSEAU Paola (France)
  • 3rd Place: Plastic Problems, Elise Zheng, Alexandra Manalo (Canada)


  • 1st Place: All is in your hands, Martins Mozga, Martins Seleckis (Latvia)
  • 2nd Place: Tap's Where It's At!, Mauricio Bustamante, Meztli Cardoso, Shantal Teran (USA)
  • 3rd Place: The Bridge Boutique, Hannah Mittelstaedt (Canada)
  • Honourable mention: City landfill, Tatyana Gubanova (Kazakhstan)


  • Honourable mention: Discovering EVOA, Inês Ouro, Maria Inês Fernandes, Mariana Matos, Whitney Aprel (Portugal)

Awarded submissions can be found here.