UNESCO Youth Conference in Paris

Following the successful completion of the Youth Forum / YRE Mission in Portugal as well as other regional workshops for Youth Leadership Training, UNESCO organized an international Youth Conference “Youth Saves the Planet” in Paris on 14-16 May 2018. The overall focus was on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The conference brought together ESD Youth Leaders and young journalists (18-35 years) from all regions of the world. The objective was to continue the capacity-building of ESD Youth Leaders, to begin the process of building a global ESD Young Leaders Network, to raise visibility of ESD actions, and to start developing a draft position paper on the future direction of ESD.

Group photo.jpg

Eight participants from the workshop in Portugal were selected to take part in the conference. Follow the links to read more about each of them: Anastasia Pentagioti (Greece), Francis Ametepey (Ghana), Joana Pedro (Portugal), Kristijan Angeleski (Macedonia), Lauren Ricard (France), Martins Mozga (Latvia), Vinh Le (Canada), Yoh Kai Xiang (Singapore).

To read more about the event from the perspective of the YRE participants, take a look at Joana's article: UNESCO Targets on Education and Vinh's blog post: Systems Thinking on a Global Scale.