One week, one international climate conference, one YRE in action: let's follow Floriane Marié in her adventure

Floriane Marié is a French student (in her last year degree at Sciences Po Toulouse) who will get the chance to take part in her second international conference as a young Reporter for the environment. 

Last year she reported, from the collision from home conference 2020 edition,  where she had the opportunity to attend a great variety of speeches from top standard speakers, and conducted interviews with different environmental change makers. Her second take away of this event was the possibility to create a special virtual bound with other international YRE students who also reported from the conference. They shared their different experience as YREs, while finding each others on the same environmental and social values. 


Since Friday, the 3rd of September, she is back again behind her screen to follow the 1 week event of the World environmental congress organised by the IUCN. Floriane already has a special attachment to this event as it will be taking place in Marseille, where she already worked with the municipality on different sustainable projects. She heard from the event already last year, as she was following the journey of one of her inspiring environmentalist friend in her engagement in the European trial of nature's rights for the defence of aquatic ecosystems. The civilian court heard and decided five emblematic cases concerning aquatic ecosystems on the margins. On Saturday 4th at the IUCN, her friend, alongside different environmental organizations, will present the final verdict of the trials in Marseille at the IUCN congress. Hearing this amazing commitment and curious to see what would be the reaction and the engagement of policymaker hearing the final words of the civilian court, Floriane wanted to report from this specific session but also all the fabulous speeches and workshop that will be proposed during this one week event. After speaking to the YRE program coordinators, she directly wrote to the IUCN organizers and a few days later she received her press accreditation !

The IUCN congress got delayed by a year due to sanitary condition and take place this year with a innovative semi physical and digital organization. Unfortunately, Floriane will not be able to be at the different pavilions in Marseille chasing the right people to interview along the venue, but the online platform hosting the event gives her the possibility to network with other journalists, young environmentalists and changemakers. For one week it will be a heavy program with a dozen of sessions everyday and hopefully interviews that she will be able to conduct and post on. Do not forget to keep posted on social media and YRE Hub to follow her week!

No doubt that the special energy that emerges from this Mediterranean capital will lead stakeholders to fruitful debates to continue making a change for climate ambitions.