The YRE Photo of the Year 2022 - The End of the World by Djordje Pejović from Montenegro

The Jury of the International YRE competition 2021 highlighted 3 photos this year: the Photo of the Year and two runners-up. Discover these amazing YRE works and the messages of the jury with:

 “The skeletal image of a marooned, decaying rowboat on the dried-up and cracked surface of a seemingly dead lake, provides a powerful metaphor for the fate facing humanity if it fails to act swiftly on climate change. The subject, a boat, has often been seen as a way humans can sail away from their problems or escape to safer places. But the photo foresees a time when there maybe nowhere to go in a world where climate change has destroyed the very life support systems needed to survive, let alone thrive.

 2021 is meant to be the next moment for climate ambition. Five years after Paris UN Conference (now even six years because Covid intervened), nations are meant to raise their pollution reduction plans en route to a stable and safer 2050. Progress is happening, renewable energy for example is doubling world-wide every 4 years. But overall our actions are late, temperatures continue to rise, the science is sobering and we are fair and square in a climate and environmental emergency.

 But this photo is not about fear but about hope. It is one scary view of the future, but it should remind us that there is another one we can choose: One where leaders and societies mobilize and pull together to turn this ship—our wonderful blue planet—around so we can navigate humanity to a far safer harbour.  Everyone including each YRE, can play their part, to make a difference, and take action.

 The picture is about changing perceptions and waking us all up to what must be done. It is powerful, impactful, striking, and pulls no punches. That is why, we, the International Jury of the Competition, want this Photo to represent the YRE programme next year.”

  • From Canada, Diya Dhaliwal’s and Anika Dass's picture entitled "Our world is slipping down the drain" has been highlighted by the International Jury of the YRE competition as a Runner-Up with a special message from our jury:

“The symbolism of this picture is wonderful. The media used, in particular: to have dirt, the actual earth arranged in such a way to represent the countries of the planet slipping down the drain and showing that things are falling apart — quite literally going down the drain... it is a very meaningful and clever symbolism for this photograph. Not having a person on it makes the message perhaps even more universal and meaningful. This picture has indeed something special, as it has never been seen in the YRE competition before. It looks like a fantastic, powerful poster concept. This kind of message, ominous as it may be, deserves props for its smart and artistic approach, and deserves to be recognized. That is why we, the International Jury of the Competition, highlight this Photo as a 2021 Photo of the Year Runner-Up.”

  • After two photos marking a slightly more ominous mood, one with a slightly more upbeat tone. From Portugalthe second of Miguel Truta and Maria Truta's picture extracted from the reportage entitled "Hygienic strolls to “clean the garbage”" was highlighted by the International Jury of the YRE competition as a Runner-Up, with the following message:

“This photo brings depicts an uplifting story in these times of Covid-19, stating that we can all make a difference and take action — even under lockdown. It is a hopeful and positive message which captures the energy of the moment. It represents the YRE programme very well since we want to see young people to take action to improve their environment, and it also showcases the initiative of young women leaders all over the world. We have seen many photos like this, of course, but there is something about this young lady, her smile, her dedication, and her energy, that captured our attention, and provided a counterpoint to the other two photos in the Photo of the Year discussion. Here we highlight, for a bit of a positive outlook, hopeful messaging and the yearn to act. That is why we, the International Jury of the Competition, are also highlighting this as a 2021 Photo of the Year Runner-up.”