Lesley Jones, President of FEE answers to our questions

Lesley Jones

President of Foundation for Environmental Education

Hi, we are Sabrina and Linda YRE from Montenegro and Serenza YRE from Mauritius who interviewed Lesley Jones, president of FEE as part of FEE's 40th anniversary celebrations. FEE, Foundation for Environmental education has been indeed implemented in 1981, 40 years ago and is currently running five programmes including YRE. Listen to Lesley Jones' interview to find out so many interesting and unknown stories and anecdotes about her, FEE, and its new GAIA20:30 strategy! We are sure you will learn a lot from her because we did: she is such a good story teller and so inspiring!

Presentation of the students

Serenza Chan Kam Lan

I am 17 years old and I am from Mauritius. I study at Pailles State Secondary School where I am a young reporter for the environment since 2019 and it is such a great experience.

Sabrina Lukovic

I am from Montenegro and I live in a small town named Berane. I am 15 years old and I go to Radomir Mitrovic school. I am very happy to be part of this project and to get the chance to lead this interview. I have been participating in the YRE programme for 2 years.

Linda Joksimović

I am from Berane a small town in Montenegro, I study at Radomir Mitrović school, I am 14 years old. I am glad because I was able to participate in this project. It is been 2 years since I am involved in the YRE programme.

We (Sabrina and Linda) would like to say something about our school Radomir Mitrović. It is a very good school and we get good knowledge there. Students have won many prizes so far in many subjects and we are proud of this project too. We would like to thank our biology teacher Čilovic Ifeta and our principal Vujović Aleksandar who enabled us to attend this interview and who allow us to be part of the YRE programme.

Mini LLC Competition Winners!!!

4 YREs covering COP26 and FEE holding a conference!!!

4 Young Reporter for the Environment will take part in COP26 and cover the event! They are all from the UK due to Covid restrictions but also because it is better in terms of carbon footprint! Let’s remind that COP26 takes place in Glasgow, Scotland!

Callum Alexander from Scotland, Jessie Stevens from England, Maria Aaroy and Emer Rafferty both from Northern Ireland will act as YRE (and even more) during the event.

They will attend conferences, make interviews, explore the blue zone (where there is the YRE exhibition for instance), explore the green zone (where FEE is holding a conference), report on the COP, act as speakers in several events and so much more! Ambassadors of the YRE programme, they are also representing the youth who call to fight against climate change!

Presentations of the students

Jessie Stevens

I am a keen Walker and cyclist and love to explore green spaces.

My name is Jessie and I am a youth climate activist passionate about people-led decision making, the youth voice and getting more youth representation in the media.
I am the founder of the movement People Pedal Power, which led me to cycle 570 miles (917kms) to COP26. Through my activism I do a lot of writing, and now filmmaking to try and highlight the need for greater youth representation in all aspects of climate politics and other sectors.

Emer Rafferty

I am a determined, passionate and ambitious young advocate for our planet, on a quest to ensure that our people get the healthy planet, thriving economy and bright future that they deserve. Having been chosen as a UK COP26 OSG Climate Ambassador, a 30 Under 30 Global environmental educator, the first Translink Changemaker ambassador and a speaker at several Climate events, I have been findings ways to support others; businesses, politicians and ordinary people, take the lead on climate solutions.  

I am looking forward to being a YRE to spread the hope, the buzz and the ambition all across the country!

Callum Alexander

My name is Callum Alexander, I live in Perth and Kinross in Scotland and I am very excited to be attending COP26 in my home country. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain such valuable knowledge and understanding of the world's most pivotal issues. I am very much looking forward to meeting like minded people from across the globe so that we can all learn and collaborate together.

Maria Aaroy

I am a 19 year old Young Person from Belfast who has worked mainly with young people trying to increase engagement and proper action on climate change. I have furthered my engagement by becoming the Chair of the Youth Working Group in Climate Action and the Youth Commissioner on the Belfast Climate Commission.

We are looking forward to following their adventure live on Facebook @yre.global and Instagram @yre_int and to reading their reports on Exposure afterwards.

Find out already the first article related to the COP: What are the Danish government’s ambitions for COP26? by YRE International - Exposure

About the conference that will be held by FEE

The theme of COP 26, ‘Together for Our Planet’ provides an important platform to showcase the impacts being created by the network of FEE and explain how each programme is driving the agenda of Climate Action. FEE has prioritised Climate Change, along with Biodiversity Loss and Pollution, as key areas of urgent action for its 10-year strategy – GAIA 20:30.

Through panel presentations, the event will showcase stories of positive actions from around the world. It will bring together voices of different stakeholders such as youth leaders from Eco-Schools, managers of Green Key awarded establishments, municipalities with Blue Flag accredited sites and Young Reporters for the Environment.

The event will explore how the FEE network is able to make an impact at a global scale with common principles and goals to achieve a sustainable world. It will connect the global impact FEE is creating through stories of change supported by local examples from stakeholders from the UK.

You can follow the event online! It will take place on the 2nd of November, at 4:30 pm CEST!

We are looking forward to attending the conference!!!


10 YRE photos (from Republic of Korea, Greece, Israel, Montenegro, Portugal, India, China, Singapore, Iceland, and New Zealand) are now hanging at the COP26 venue in the Blue Zone.

Below each photo, quote of the student and his/her/their name(s) and country.

1. Companionship

Let saplings and children grow together, let us add greens to our world!

Xue Fan

Wonjae Lee, Republic of Korea


2. Garbage Feast

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the exponential increase of consuming disposable products was inevitable. The disposal of diversified and swelling waste leads to consequential harms to the earth: burning the waste pollutes the atmosphere; burying it degrades the soil; and marine litter destroys the aquatic ecosystem. The earth is cramming the garbage feast humans have prepared.

3. Looking Back for a Solution of Today

Along the corridor of her 3-room apartment, my grandmother cares for her 16 vegetables. While she claims it is "nothing much", she has cut her carbon footprint by reducing plastic waste from her supermarket trips. While we often think that climate change requires modern-day solutions, my grandmother's garden reminds us that we can take a page from the past.

Loraine Lee Yen, Singapore

4. It's Time to Solve This Puzzle

Challenges arise over time to rethink and reflect on society and the planet. The situation we have been through is one of those moments that we should use to put the missing pieces together. We must put the broken pieces together and rebuild a more sustainable planet, preserving the environment and solving part of the problems of which we are guilty.

5. Recycling Makes Good Business Sense

Recycling saves earth's resources, provides work to many people mainly in the unorganized sector, and can be a profitable business too! Material like glass and metal can be melted, reshaped and recycled. They could be repurposed and also up-cycled into useful products. Segregated waste material helps in ensuring its efficient use.

Yogeshwaran Rajagopaal, India

6. Save the Octopus

We started this project knowing the needs of our island, Andros, Greece. It seemed to be a simple school trip at the beginning. However, when we eventually took action, we found out how much we underestimated the pollution of our seas. Through our Nature Art project, we want to raise awareness for the devastating situation in the Mediterranean sea, where marine life is gradually 'drowned'.

Vasiliki Lembesi, Irene Marini, Michaela Eftyhia Syrigou, Athanasios Spyridon Panagiotopoulos, Styliani Petraki, Greece

7. Sustainable Surfer

The photograph represents my whanau's (family) spiritual connection with the land and oceans of Aotearoa (New Zealand). For Maori people wai (water) is the essence of all life and all water has mauri (life force). Rubbish accumulating on beaches threatens aquatic life. This is my sister at the break of dawn playing her part in cleaning up the beaches and recycling. Small regular acts do matter.

8. Sweet Destruction

We are ruining the earth for our own short time happiness. We are licking up the earth, and it’s sweet resources just like ice cream. If we don’t want the earth and the life on it to die we need to stop consuming and producing so much at the earth’s cost. Let’s enjoy our sweet and beautiful earth responsibly.

9. The End of the World

I often visit the national parks in Montenegro and photograph what catches my attention like this - the remains of a boat, a missing lake, cracked earth in the middle of Biogradska gora. Obviously, nature is calling for help. It is up to us to react as soon as possible in order to postpone the "end of the world".

Djordje Pejović, Montenegro

10. Footprint

This photo was taken on a family trip in Hadera forest. It represents the negative effect humans have on Earth. Like this shoe, people leave their footprints all over the planet and it's hurting nature for a long time. The idea behind the photo is to inspire people to preserve nature - our most valuable resource. Let's leave only positive footprints!

YRE partners with the world’s largest digital and radio Scout event: JOTA-JOTI

JOTA-JOTI - From 15 to 17 October 2021


JOTA-JOTI which meansJamboree-on-the-Air-Jamboree-on-the-Internet, is the world’s largest digital Scout event taking place online and over the air. The educational event brings together more than 2 million Scouts every year in October for a weekend of Scouting and friendship. Young people can learn about communications technology and connect with fellow Scouts from over 171 countries.

YRE is partnering with the Scouts for a while and will hold there 2 events: A workshop for scouts about the Litter Less Campaign on Saturday, at 11 am CEST and another session about the LLC as well but for scouts leaders on Sunday, at 6pm CEST.

Good news: the whole event is not only open for scouts! Everyone can join and connect with the Scouts!

YRE is proud to partner with the Scouts and to reach more and more students around the world!

Find more information here.

UPDATE - Speaking Up for the Planet: 2 communication skills workshops instead of one just for you! Read more to get a place!


 The UK-based charity Speakers Trust are really excited to be able to offer you a free workshop! It's an opportunity to participate in a full-day communication skills workshop designed to help you speak out about climate change. In partnership with Climate Action, Race to Zero and COP26, this is an opportunity to develop your confidence and public speaking skills, write an impactful speech and be heard by decision-makers and a global community to inspire real change. This project is called "Speaking Up for the Planet".

The first session, which will take place on Thursday, the 18th of November from 9 am to 1 pm CEST is already full! But great news, since many of you wants to participate one more session will be held and some seats are still available! It will be split into two days to fit as many time zones as possible, on Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21th from 7 pm CEST to 9 pm CEST. It’s open to every Young Reporters aged from 14 to 25. Please not that if you register, you must be able to participate in the workshop and deliver your speech in English.

The workshop 

Participants will have a 4-hours communication skills workshop delivered by one of the UK charity Speakers Trust’s expert trainers. The trainer will take you through a series of fun, interactive exercises designed to boost your confidence and improve your speaking and listening skills. We will explore your opinions and responses to climate change and help you to articulate them clearly. The day culminates in every participant standing up and delivering a short speech about climate change and the environment. 

In a nutshell, the workshop will cover communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, listening skills, tips for impromptu speaking, and how to build a speech, develop the content, give it structure and then lots of focus on how to deliver a speech.

Getting voices heard

The workshop will be complemented by a comprehensive suite of online resources that will help you fine-tune your speech. Within or after the workshop, participants are invited to film their speech and submit it to the secure online Speakers Trust’s platform. Their team will review each entry and upload them to a unique site which will be accessible to people across the world - so you will be part of a truly global project. 


Later this year, their expert panel of judges will watch all of the submitted speeches and select a few to be shared at a high-profile event in early 2022.

Would you like to be one of the next YRE to make his/her voice heard even more? Do not hesitate and register through the following form. The deadline for registration is 15 November!!!

A webform by Podio - click here to get yours

The FEE international team will select students that will be chosen for the session. That is why you need to tell us why you want to be part of it.

October 1st-25th : International Collaboration Month!

Dear Schools, dear Teachers, dear Students,

If you want to participate to the YRE competition 2022 by collaborating with another country, this is the piece of news you have to read!

There are three ways to participate in the YRE International Competition:

The International Collaboration category is open to all countries with three recommended themes: environmental pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change, and must be linked to chosen SDG(s). The submission must fulfil the criteria for its category “Article”, ”Photo Reportage of 3-5 photos”, or ”Video” and show significant collaborative work between two or more countries. It is open to the age categories 11-14, 15-18, and 19-25 years.

One question still reminds: how do one finds a match?

Nothing is simpler, if you are a school or a teacher who wants to participate with her/his students via the international collaboration’s way, fill in the following form. If you are a student, please ask your teacher and/or your National Operator to register (it is a question of GDPR). The validation of your registration will be done by the NO of your country and the FEE international Team will match schools and let you know about it at the beginning of November! This form is enabled from the 1st to the 25th of October:

Podio - CRM done right

Find inspiration thanks to these examples of Awarded Entries from 2021

1st Place (article 15-18 years)
Title: Unnoticed Danger: The Fashion Industry
Countries: Portugal and Turkey

2nd Place (article 15-18 years)
Title: How Can Traditional Watering Systems Help The Environment?
Countries: Portugal and Montenegro

3rd place (article 11-14 years)
Title: Honey bees are important members of a sustainable life
Countries: Turkey and Slovenia

Honourable mention (video 15-18 years)
Title: Different countries, same problem – Finding a solution for the pollution!
Countries: Portugal and Turkey

We Don't Have Time: a new platform for you to share your stories and make your voice heard even more!!

As YRE Hub, We Don’t Have Time gives you a platform to share your environmental actions and stories! Make your voice heard even more as a YRE who wants to make a difference!

Do you want businesses and world leaders to act on the climate crisis? We Don’t Have Time makes it easy for you to reach them. By joining the largest review platform on climate action, you can both share good examples of climate action with the world and be a part of a group of changemakers that put pressure on companies to act faster and take climate action. Have a dialogue with companies, world leaders and major organizations, for free. Download the We Don't Have Time app or visit our website and follow this guide to learn how.


We Don’t Have Time - new institutional partner of the YRE Programme

WeDontHaveTime.org is the world's largest review app for climate solutions. We offer you a platform to establish a climate dialogue with your stakeholders and influence the world together. Through the power of many, we influence politicians, businesses, and individuals to act on the climate crisis.

Institutional Partners — Young Reporters for the Environment (yre.global)

Media passes given to 4 YRE students to attend Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon from the 1st to the 4th of November!

4 YRE students from Portugal have been invited to attend Web Summit 2021 which will be back in Lisbon on November 1-4.

As their first physical event since 2019, Web Summit 2021 is going to be one of the biggest tech events in the world attended by many of the world's leading entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, investors, and media.

Speakers on the Agenda:

  • Ursula von der Leyen - President, European Commission

  • Brad Smith - President, Microsoft

  • Antonio Costa - Prime Minister, Portugal

  • Margrethe Vestager - Executive Vice President, A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, European Commission

  • Peggy Johnson - CEO, Magic Leap

  • Jen Wong - COO, Reddit

  • Brittany Kaiser - Founder, Own Your Data Foundation

  • Iker Casillas - World Cup winner, Spain

  • Juergen Mueller - CTO, SAP

  • Daniela Braga - Founder, DefinedCrowd

  • Guillaume Pousaz - Founder and CEO, Checkout.com

  • Clayton Ruebensaal III - CMO, American Express

  • Roula Khalaf - Editor in chief, The Financial Times

  • Dame Melanie Dawes - CEO, Ofcom

  • Brian Tyler Cohen - Host of No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

  • Jager McConnell - CEO, Crunchbase

  • Siyabulela Mandela - Director, Africa of Journalists for Human Rights

  • Steven Galanis - Co-founder & CEO of Cameo

  • Bastian Nominacher - Co-founder & Co-CEO of Celonis

  • Joe Atkinson, CTO of PwC

  • Zach Perret, CEO & Co-founder, Plaid

  • Ondrej Vicek, CEO of Avast

  • Gerard Pique, Footballer, FC Barcelona

  • Markus Villig, Founder & CEO of Bolt

4 YREs; Catarina Semedo Madaíl de Oliveira, Luís Afonso Azevedo Martins, José Diogo Azevedo Martins, Ana Catarina Braga Hencleeday will be there and able to interview them!

Presentation of the YRE students:


“Born in Lisbon, in 1995. Graduated in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Master in Ecology and Environmental Management from the same institution in 2021. Even before graduating, I worked as a monitor and promoter of environmental education events, so the intervention with younger generations is particularly familiar to me, as well as the stimulus to prepare a society more aware of environmental issues. Currently I work as an Environment Technician at the European Blue Flag Association since 2020, following the YRE and Eco-Schools Programs.”


“Olá! My name is Catarina Semedo Oliveira and I am from Portugal. I’m a YRE since 2018, and I’ve been part of several national and international missions so far. Two examples are the Rock in Rio Lisboa Mission, in June 2018, and the International Mission in Coruche in April 2019. Being part of the Web Summit is both a challenge and a big responsibility, that I am excited to fulfil. This mission will be especially meaningful as I am putting together three big passions of mine: journalism, environment and technology.”


"I'm Diogo Martins, I'm 17 years old and I live in the north of Portugal, in the city of Braga. I'm a young reporter for the environment since I was 12 years old and I'm passionate about investigating and understanding the problems that surround us. I like to work collaboratively with idea sharing and social interactions and I'm a lover of basketball and manga series."


“Hi, I'm Luís, I'm 14 years old, I'm from Braga, a city in the North of Portugal. For over 3 years I've been involved in the young reporters  for the environment programme, which has brought me a lot of pleasure and unique opportunities to see the world in a different and proactive way. I take pleasure in editing videos and working on photographs. I practice skateboarding and have a passion for the rural world.”

Will you talk about the Green Deal with Ursula Von Der Leyen? Will you ask the FC Barcelona what are their green plans for the future? Will you discuss environment and climate change with Microsoft? Will you be able to interview the prime minister of Portugal to talk about ecological transition?

We are looking forward to watching your videos, looking at your photos and reading your stories on Exposure!!! Thank you very much Margarida (NO from Portugal) for mentoring them during this conference!

When a YRE submits her work to the Climate Change PIX competition and wins a prize...

This is the story of Íris Lilja Jóhannsdóttir from Iceland! Her work that won an honourable mention in the YRE Competition this year, was also submitted to the Climate Change PIX photo competition, hold by the European Environment Agency. And, environmental communication experts from the European Environment Information and Observation Network (Eionet), and the public have selected her work, as one of the six winners in the competition about the impacts of climate change in Europe and individual and societal climate action. The results were published on Monday, the 20st of September. Find out more here and under the picture!

Iceland SPC.PNG

“We are ruining the earth for our own short time happiness. We are licking up the earth, and it’s sweet resources just like ice cream. I want to show people what we are doing to the earth with a simple analogy. We need to take actions like the ones suggested in Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12 and 13. If we don’t stop licking the ice cream or if we just stop, the ice cream will melt. To stop the ice cream from melting we need to stop licking it and put it in the freezer. If we don’t want the earth and the life on it to die we need to stop consuming and producing so much at the earth’s cost. Let’s enjoy our sweet and beautiful earth responsibly.” - That is the caption you can read under the submission for the YRE Competition 2021: Iceland by YRE Competition - Exposure

The picture’s editing and the message behind are very strong. That also what the International Jury of the YRE competition highlighted: “The editing is so well done: good exercise, good campaign photo, good storytelling, great use of colour and composition. Congratulations! It is maybe fake but the message is great!!! It is creative, clear, striking, clever and executed very well! So simple and very effective. It tells the message: very strong and powerful graphic depicting man's anthropogenic consumption of the planet's natural resources. The melting ice cream also speaks to global warming. What about the rules of the competition? Honourable mention “only” because we wanted to highlight that it was very well done but go away from the rules. Congratulations again!”

We are so proud of our YRE! Good job!

Introduction to the Mini Litter Less Campaign: October 18 – 28, 2021

The Litter Less Campaign (LLC) is a joint project between Mars Wrigley Foundation and Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Running for 10 consecutive years (Phase I, II, III and IV) all around the globe, it underlines tangibly the importance of dealing with the issue of litter and waste.

The LLC aims to engage and educate students on the issues of litter and waste, encourage students to reduce their negative impact on the environment and raise awareness of litter and waste issues within their communities.

Find out more about the LLC here: About the Campaign — Young Reporters for the Environment (yre.global)

Starting from September 2021 all countries from the FEE network and organisations not members of FEE are invited to join activities, use the Treasure earth App and planned actions, share case stories on social media with the hashtag #litterlesscampaign, participate in the mini-competition and win prizes if there entries are submitted through FEE member organizations.

Online Launch Of Campaign

The campaign will be introduced to students, teachers and National Operators through a launch webinar on 21st September at 2-3pm CEST. During the webinar, we will introduce participants to the campaign, competition and share some interesting case stories from schools and students participating in the campaign.

Register for the launch here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81900893639

About the Campaign

The mini Litter Less L campaign  (#litterlesscampaign) is designed as a 10-days campaign in which seven actions promoting sustainable behaviour change of litter and waste need to be completed. The actions are easy to fulfil, short and can be adaptable to any context (e.g. as a lesson in school or activity in a youth group meeting). We generally recommend completing one action per school day from the 19th to the 27th, however, teachers and youth guides can freely adapt the number of actions completed per day to the context they work in.  

Find all actions and Help notes on this page: Mini Litter Less Campaign 2021 — Young Reporters for the Environment (yre.global)

Template for announcement of the LL mini-campaign.png

Partnership with Now.Here and sharing on Social Media

FEE has partnered with Now.Here, a Singapore based company, who developed the Treasure Earth app. The values promoted by Now.here are aligned with the FEE’s values and the app allows teachers and students with access to the internet an easy way of carrying out the actions either individually or as a group. The app releases only one action per day but you will be able to find them on our social media as well.

Download the app on your phone!!

The activities require participants to post their thoughts, emotions, photos and videos (max 1 minute) in social media and/or in the Treasure Earth app. We strongly request that any posts carried out by participants will use the hashtag #litterlesscampaign!

Mini Litter Less Campaign Competition

The most challenging action is the ’Zero-waste Day’ (Action 5) where students try to live a whole day without producing waste at all. i.e. they can separate their waste but not produce new waste that goes to incineration or landfill. Students can have the opportunity to submit their ’Zero-waste’ 1-minute videos as entries to a Litter Less Mini competition also if they are not enrolled in the LEAF, YRE and Eco-Schools network.

Find out more about the competition and more by following the link: Mini Litter Less Campaign 2021 — Young Reporters for the Environment (yre.global)

The YRE Photo of the Year 2022 - The End of the World by Djordje Pejović from Montenegro

The Jury of the International YRE competition 2021 highlighted 3 photos this year: the Photo of the Year and two runners-up. Discover these amazing YRE works and the messages of the jury with:

 “The skeletal image of a marooned, decaying rowboat on the dried-up and cracked surface of a seemingly dead lake, provides a powerful metaphor for the fate facing humanity if it fails to act swiftly on climate change. The subject, a boat, has often been seen as a way humans can sail away from their problems or escape to safer places. But the photo foresees a time when there maybe nowhere to go in a world where climate change has destroyed the very life support systems needed to survive, let alone thrive.

 2021 is meant to be the next moment for climate ambition. Five years after Paris UN Conference (now even six years because Covid intervened), nations are meant to raise their pollution reduction plans en route to a stable and safer 2050. Progress is happening, renewable energy for example is doubling world-wide every 4 years. But overall our actions are late, temperatures continue to rise, the science is sobering and we are fair and square in a climate and environmental emergency.

 But this photo is not about fear but about hope. It is one scary view of the future, but it should remind us that there is another one we can choose: One where leaders and societies mobilize and pull together to turn this ship—our wonderful blue planet—around so we can navigate humanity to a far safer harbour.  Everyone including each YRE, can play their part, to make a difference, and take action.

 The picture is about changing perceptions and waking us all up to what must be done. It is powerful, impactful, striking, and pulls no punches. That is why, we, the International Jury of the Competition, want this Photo to represent the YRE programme next year.”

  • From Canada, Diya Dhaliwal’s and Anika Dass's picture entitled "Our world is slipping down the drain" has been highlighted by the International Jury of the YRE competition as a Runner-Up with a special message from our jury:

“The symbolism of this picture is wonderful. The media used, in particular: to have dirt, the actual earth arranged in such a way to represent the countries of the planet slipping down the drain and showing that things are falling apart — quite literally going down the drain... it is a very meaningful and clever symbolism for this photograph. Not having a person on it makes the message perhaps even more universal and meaningful. This picture has indeed something special, as it has never been seen in the YRE competition before. It looks like a fantastic, powerful poster concept. This kind of message, ominous as it may be, deserves props for its smart and artistic approach, and deserves to be recognized. That is why we, the International Jury of the Competition, highlight this Photo as a 2021 Photo of the Year Runner-Up.”

  • After two photos marking a slightly more ominous mood, one with a slightly more upbeat tone. From Portugalthe second of Miguel Truta and Maria Truta's picture extracted from the reportage entitled "Hygienic strolls to “clean the garbage”" was highlighted by the International Jury of the YRE competition as a Runner-Up, with the following message:

“This photo brings depicts an uplifting story in these times of Covid-19, stating that we can all make a difference and take action — even under lockdown. It is a hopeful and positive message which captures the energy of the moment. It represents the YRE programme very well since we want to see young people to take action to improve their environment, and it also showcases the initiative of young women leaders all over the world. We have seen many photos like this, of course, but there is something about this young lady, her smile, her dedication, and her energy, that captured our attention, and provided a counterpoint to the other two photos in the Photo of the Year discussion. Here we highlight, for a bit of a positive outlook, hopeful messaging and the yearn to act. That is why we, the International Jury of the Competition, are also highlighting this as a 2021 Photo of the Year Runner-up.”


3rd International Conference on sustainability education in India: FEE is holding 2 sessions and 6 Malaysian and Indian YREs are covering the event

From the 9th to the 10th of September 2021

The International Conference on Sustainability Education (ICSE) is planned to explore pathways to address current and emerging sustainability challenges through education by empowering learners with new skills, values and attitudes that lead to a sustainable world.

Due to COVID – 19 which brought huge disruption particularly in every educational setup, it becomes a necessity to try out several new and innovative online, virtual and distance teaching learning initiatives as new normal. In tune with that it was decided to conduct ICSE-2021 (as what we have done in 2020) through virtual mode as a two days webinar on following topics:

  • Day 1: Education for Ecosystem Restoration

  • Day 2: Climate Literacy

FEE is holding two sessions: one is about Education for Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Coastal Areas, the other is about Education for Advancing Circular Economy. FEE is recognized there through 2 of its 5 programmes which are respectively Blue Flag and Eco-Schools. Johann Durand is holding the first session as international Blue Flag coordinator. Pramod Kumar Sharma is holding the second one as senior director of education.

What is more impressive are the 6 Indian students who are covering the event on site as Young Reporters for the Environment. Let’s discover who they are!

Ameera asyiqin.jpg

Miss Nur Ameera Asyiqin Binti Khairul Anuar, 20 years old is from Kolej Profesional Mara Indera Mahkota, Sg. Buloh, Selangor. She is a young reporter who is enthusiastic about nature and believes that every voice projected in every corner of the planet about the environment should be heard. She envisions the empowerment of young people can lead the world into a more pristine environment one day.

She believes  Journalism is something that she is passionate about. Many people think that the process of making a piece of news is easy but it actually takes a lot of processes including researches, interviews, and fact-checks. A journalist should always be in the front line in any situation that could make to news so that the message can be conveyed in a matter of time and people could get the information in an instant. Journalism is very important especially in this enduring time because if the news like the number of covid19 cases is not informed to the media, people are hard to plan a precautious measure to lessen the risk.


Miss Amritha Jaiprekash Kurup, Age: 19, Currently pursuing 3rd year of BSc Zoology from Madras Christian College, Chennai, India.

Doing reporting on butterfly species locally and an area specifically. She is engaged in promoting and commercializing butterfly gardening on her campus and planning to expand to the local area in and around Chennai and she is a nature and wildlife conservation enthusiast. Photography, report writings are some of her other hobbies.

She believes  Words seek out the attention of huge crowds along with virtual representation. To pool in people to act on the restoration of the ecosystem as a whole and for maximum people’s participation, educating and enlightening them on the anthropogenic influences and events of disaster that are yet to happen can lure in-crowd for mass action. As a science major, She thinks journalism can accelerate the process of active participation as local laymen will get to know the crisis and consequences that have to be faced if we remain ignorant. Also, the liability and responsibility as a citizen to protect the ground we stand, our nature and resources and the sustainable living strategies to be taken up effectively and profusely, to better the future and to continue developmental procedures more palatable and ecofriendly, awareness is a must and inevitable stand in conservation and restoration alike. According to the UNESCO model for curricula for journalism education is emerging actively with various ideas for including different types of journalism especially that of eco-journalism. the empirical correlation of media, journalism, and independence is driving the sustainability acts to reach the greater population for acceptance and activation. there comes the role of youth drivers for sustainability and eco-restoration, where people like her can entice in more people for saving the planet much inordinate devastation. According to her the goal of sustainability is cohesive conscious of having a healthy interaction with nature at all levels of life.

Mister Bhargav Patel is 22 years old. He is a software engineer at Truminds Software Systems in India working mainly on the machine learning experts of the project. He is also a co-founder of the Environment Club, a student community that focuses on educating students about environmental issues and solutions in a fun way. His area of interest is artificial intelligence, resource optimization, sustainable development, and green technology. He has been involved with many different environmental and leadership initiatives in his university and he enjoys learning about sustainability and how technology can be used to achieve sustainable development. In 2019, he was given the opportunity to travel to Thailand to participate in the 10th World Environmental Education Congress as a YRE. He is working in the direction to build a career that combines technology and the environment.

He Believes without journalism, the world would be ignorant. Journalism is important because it gives current and relevant information and news to the public. Benjamin Franklin said, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by judging the freeness of speech.”

Lavinia - Lavinia Grace Sebastian.jpeg

Miss Lavinia Grace Sebastian, 20 years old is from Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), Pahang, Malaysia. She is a young reporter who aspires to find interesting stories to share with the public. She believes that there are many things to learn about the world and that everyone can benefit from a widened perspective of the world.

She believes that Journalism is the act of gaining first-hand knowledge to be shared with the world. Besides that, Journalism is important to highlight issues because the right amount of media coverage can make a huge change and impact on society and the public. In many ways, journalism brings to light the stories of the voiceless.

Mohini Arora.jpg

Miss Mohini Arora, 19 years old, a resident of Jammu, currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Journalism at Bharati College, Delhi University. She is a part of ' Chintan: The debating society' while being a Command Level Debate speaker. Reading novels is her hobby and welcoming the world with open arms is her inculcated personality trait. 

She believes Journalism is the study and later a profession that gives rise to objective information for the public to formulate their opinion in a more verified manner. It also releases contention between right and wrong ideology with facts and figures. It is essential in highlighting every issue whether small or huge as it provides a platform for to citizens in placing their views over the table. Sometimes investigative journalism can lead the wrongdoers to capital punishment and the innocents to justice.

Miss Nishita Agarwal, 16 years old, a resident of the Gujarat state, is currently a student of Apple Global School studying in the Medical Field. Co-founder of the Green Crusaders Club and an author; published the book: 'The Journey of an Assassin. Writing novels, poetry, and analyzing different art forms are my hobbies, and analyzing a situation in every aspect is an included personality trait.

She believes Journalism is an efficient way to spread awareness on a particular issue. For her, journalism has been a medium to focus on topics from a logical and factual perspective. It has proven to be very useful to bring public attention to a matter as journal writing provides ground evidence and facts regarding the same.

It is an absolute necessity to highlight an issue. Only humanity has the power to create and resolve obstacles; the responsibility of our survival and wellbeing relies solely on us. If environmental, economic, educational, social, health and hygiene, political, and many other related issues are neglected, the human race will face severe consequences.

Find out more about the conference and its programme by clicking here.

Call for videos from young YRE professionals – Promotion of Global Forest Fund


Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is looking for young professionals, especially from the network of the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme, to create videos for Global Forest Fund (GFF). 

The aim of the videos it is to support the Global Forest Fund’s efforts to become the number one online travel carbon offsetting scheme globally, hence mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and loss of biodiversity.  

FEE is the world's largest environmental education organisation, with members in 77 countries. Through our five ground-breaking programmes, FEE empower people to take meaningful and purposeful action to help create a more sustainable world. As support for its programmes, FEE re-launched the Global Forest Fund in 2019 as a unique carbon compensation initiative that allows businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by providing valuable resources and environmental education to communities around the world. Travellers can use the Global Forest Fund web platform to calculate their carbon emissions across a range of transport options, and compensate for those emissions by donating to tree-planting and environmental training projects, that help mitigate climate change and protect global biodiversity.  

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme aims at empowering youth to raise awareness about environmental issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution.  YRE will use the opportunity to create awareness amongst YRE network on the issue of travel related emissions.  

The call 

YRE proposes an international video competition with the theme “Global Forest Fund – Makes the World a Better Place” open for YRE individuals or groups of students of 16 years of age and older. It aims to produce a set of 10 high-quality videos (1-2 minutes in length) promoting the GFF making it an attractive tool for people, organisations and businesses wanting to offset their carbon emissions. 

The procedure for the competition will be as follows: 

  1. The call for videos is announced 7th September 2021

  1. Interested candidates will submit a 2-page concept note (Annex 1) for either a campaign or a story-telling video by 29th September. The concept note should be sent to shimon@fee.global and include “Global Forest Fund Makes the World a Better Place” in the Subject of the e-mail. 

  1. YRE International will review and contact the 10 best applicants by 15th October.  

  1. YRE International will conduct a webinar medio October to introduce the applicants to the task whereafter the 10 applicants will receive 200 EUR each to work on the video production. 

  1. The applicants will work on their videos independently.  

  1. YRE International will conduct 1-3 meetings with each applicant to discuss details of the video.  

  1. Applicants will submit their videos by 30th November 2021 on Podio with the help of the YRE National Operator in their country. 

  1. YRE staff from YRE International will review the videos according to Annex 2 and award 700 EUR for the best three by 20th December 2021

  1. The videos will be disseminated to the wider public by YRE staff through the GFF and YRE websites and social media channels. 

The videos – scope 

Two types of videos can be submitted to the competition, both aim to raise awareness of climate change, promote the values of responsibility and accountability and inspire the use of GFF as a solution for carbon offsetting.  

30 seconds to one-minute campaign video – a video that focuses mainly on attracting viewers to the GFF website for making a donation. It does so by direct advertisement of the GFF that is based on attractive title and description, a clear call to action – go to the GFF Website and engage! 

Two-minute story-telling video – a video that focuses mainly on telling the story of the GFF, promote GFF values (Branding it) and ends in a call for visiting the GFF website to know more and use the calculator.  This video should evoke positive association feelings towards the GFF among viewers. Similar to mini-documentary, the story-telling video is based on news, events, history, facts etc., and may use elements of direct observation, research, interviews and documentation. 

Further information 

Please contact Shimon (shimon@fee.global) or Gosia (gosia@fee.global) should you have questions about the competition. 

PRESS RELEASE - Winners of the International YRE Competition 2021

The finalists of the 2021 Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) International Competition have now been assessed by the International Jury, and the awarded entries have been selected. Over 454,000 students participated in the YRE programme this year, and they produced over 19,000 pieces of environmental journalism for national YRE competitions. The number and quality of entries reflects the continued motivation and dedication of YRE students around the world despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entries awarded this year showcase YRE students’ great journalistic talent and a deep understanding of the complex environmental issues affecting their local communities. The International Jury has based their assessment on the students’ topic selection, their reflections on how the topic connects to the Sustainable Development Goals and their overall journalistic skills. The awarded entries represent some of the top youth environmental journalism in the world today.  

This year’s YRE entries continue to demonstrate the challenges and hopeful solutions youth from around the world are addressing in their communities. The pandemic’s impact was apparent, and the urgency needed to address the climate crisis was resonant, as captured in the photo of the year. It is never an easy task to select winners from the thoughtful entries received. All of the YRE students deserve to be recognized for their passion and dedication and encouraged to continue to raise awareness and take action.   

- Anne-Vela-Wagner,
Executive Director of Mars Wrigley Foundation
and YRE Jury Member.

The YRE International Competition would not be possible without the hard work of our YRE National Operators, whose inspiring efforts have enabled thousands of teachers and students to participate in this year’s competition. It is humbling to see this level of engagement, which empowers more students every year to take an active role in the future of their communities.

This year’s International YRE Jury

This year’s International Jury meeting took place virtually from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September. The jury has assessed each shortlisted entry thoroughly, and awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, as well as Honourable mentions, based on their technical quality, level of investigation, originality, and dissemination. The International Jury represents expertise across a wide spectrum of fields, and consists of professionals in environmental journalism, corporate social responsibility and Education for Sustainable Development.

"Learning about the impacts of climate change is the first step to take action. The Young Reporters for the Environment competition is an inspiring way of raising awareness about our most pressing environmental challenges and engaging young reporters in the search for solutions. Through investigative reporting, creative campaigns and multimedia storytelling, the winners of this year's YRE competition prove that nothing is stopping young people from demanding a clean and sustainable future for all."

– Ignacio de los Reyes,
digital communications strategist,
 lead of Voices of Youth, UNICEF's platform for young content creators.

and YRE Jury member

Photo 3.PNG

List of Jury Members 2021:

  • Bernard Combes - UNESCO

  • Anne Vela-Wagner – Mars Wrigley Foundation

  • Christopher Slaney - Freelance Journalist

  • Siiri Mäkelä - UNEP, Kenya

  • P.J. Marcellino - Portuguese-Canadian filmmaker, and a former YRE. Head of Development, Anatomy of Restlessness Films. Founder, Baobab Film Collective

  • Sasha Karajovic, Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Executive
    Board member with responsibility for YRE, Montenegro

  • Nick Nuttall - the International Strategic Communications Director of EARTHDAY.ORG and a Director at the climate social platform We Don’t Have Time

  • Adriána Henĉeková - journalist student

  • Mark Terry - Executive director of the Youth Climate Report, a partner program of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

  • Ignacio de los Reyes - digital communications expert managing Voices of Youth, UNICEF's digital platform

Find detailed information about each Jury Member here.

About the International YRE Competition

All entries competing in the YRE International Competition have been awarded 1st place in their respective countries’ National YRE competitions earlier this year. The entries are divided into three age groups (11-14, 15-18 and 19-25) as well as three media categories (articles, photos and videos). There is also a special category for International Collaboration. YRE students in countries participating in the Litter Less Campaign have the opportunity to submit entries concerned with litter and waste issues, which have been assessed separately. All entries have been uploaded on the YRE Competition’s Exposure page. You can also find all shortlisted videos in the UN's Youth Climate Report map. The winners of the competition will receive diplomas and will be published on different international medias, forums, environmental conferences and sessions.

The International YRE Competition winners for 2021 are:

Article, 11-14 years

1st Place
Title: Shimmering Dust
Country: Latvia

2nd Place
Title: The dark and murky messaging of the major watch brands
Country: Switzerland

3rd Place
Title: What the pandemic packed for us
Country: Slovakia

Honourable Mention
Title: Love protects Sinjajevina
Country: Montenegro

Article, 15-18 years

1st Place
Title: Avian inhabitants of the housing estates
Country: Slovakia

2nd Place (shared)
Title: Construction waste and dangerous waste – here on our backyard
Country: Israel

Title: Turning off the lights at night
Country: Switzerland

Article, 19-25 years

1st Place
Title: The north textile industry, the ideal network for inventing sustainable and responsible fashion
Country: France

2nd Place
Title: Villages at the foot of Luštek landfill inspire the whole Slovakia
Country: Slovakia

Honourable mentions
Title: “Moulay ali natural bathes” ... a natural healing water source that is not rationally used to support the community development of “awlad Stoute”
Country: Morocco

Title: Montijo: An Option For The Future Or An Announced Crime?
Country: Portugal

Single Photo Reportage, 11-25 years

1st Place
Title: The end of the world
Country: Montenegro

Honourable Mentions
Title: Hope
Country: Malta

Single Photo Campaign, 11-25 years

1st Place
Title: Our World is Slipping Down the Drain
Country: Canada

2nd Place
Title: Disposable Masks’ Double flight
Country: Portugal

Honourable Mention
Title: Sweet destruction
Country: Iceland

Photo Reportage of 3-5 Photos, 11-25 years

1st Place
Title: The waste collecting woman who is no waste.
Country: Ghana

2nd Place
Title: The Scythe for Life
Country: Slovakia

Video, 11-14 years

1st Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: Old Companions
Country: Slovakia

2nd Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: How to consume more responsibly?
Country: France

3rd Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: A valley behind Bars
Country: Israel

Honourable Mention (as Reportage Video)
Title: Create & Respect
Country: Portugal

Video, 15-18 years

1st Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: Warehouse vs. Wetland
Country: Canada

2nd Place (as Campaign Video)
Title: Toys Upcycling: A New Life for Toys
Country: Republic of Korea

3rd Place (as Campaign Video)
Title: Returnable bottle campaign
Country: Turkey

Video, 19-25 years

1st Place shared
(as Reportage Video)

Title: Green in blue jeans
Country: France

(as Campaign Video)
Title: Fast fashion dining
Country: Scotland

Honourable Mention (as Campaign Video)
Title: Where does your snack come from
Country: Slovenia

International Collaboration

1st Place (article 15-18 years)
Title: Unnoticed Danger: The Fashion Industry
Countries: Portugal and Turkey

2nd Place (article 15-18 years)
Title: How Can Traditional Watering Systems Help The Environment?
Countries: Portugal and Montenegro

3rd place (article 11-14 years)
Title: Honey bees are important members of a sustainable life
Countries: Turkey and Slovenia

Honourable mention (video 15-18 years)
Title: Different countries, same problem – Finding a solution for the pollution!
Countries: Portugal and Turkey

Litter Less Campaign Category:

Article, 11-14 years

1st Place
Title: Cat food packaging: exposed
Country: New Zealand

Article, 15-18 years

1st Place
Title: Is sustainability a joke?
Country: Malta

Article, 19-25 years


Single Photo Reportage, 11-25 years

1st Place
Title: Trapped
Country: New Zealand

Single Campaign Photo, 11-25 years

1st place
Title: The bottle fish
Country: Malta

Photo story (3-5 photos), 11-25 years


Video, 11-14 years

1st Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: YRE Rural Litter Report
Country: Ireland

Video, 15-18 years

1st Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: Open-hearted to the oceans
Country: France

Video, 19-25 years


Congratulations to all winners!!!

About Foundation for Environmental Education

Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world's largest environmental education organisation, with members in 77 countries around the world. Through its five ground-breaking programmes, FEE empowers people to take meaningful and purposeful action to help create a more sustainable world. FEE is recognised as a world leader in the fields of Education for Sustainable Development, environmental education and sustainable tourism.

Partners YRE Jury (2).png

One week, one international climate conference, one YRE in action: let's follow Floriane Marié in her adventure

Floriane Marié is a French student (in her last year degree at Sciences Po Toulouse) who will get the chance to take part in her second international conference as a young Reporter for the environment. 

Last year she reported, from the collision from home conference 2020 edition,  where she had the opportunity to attend a great variety of speeches from top standard speakers, and conducted interviews with different environmental change makers. Her second take away of this event was the possibility to create a special virtual bound with other international YRE students who also reported from the conference. They shared their different experience as YREs, while finding each others on the same environmental and social values. 


Since Friday, the 3rd of September, she is back again behind her screen to follow the 1 week event of the World environmental congress organised by the IUCN. Floriane already has a special attachment to this event as it will be taking place in Marseille, where she already worked with the municipality on different sustainable projects. She heard from the event already last year, as she was following the journey of one of her inspiring environmentalist friend in her engagement in the European trial of nature's rights for the defence of aquatic ecosystems. The civilian court heard and decided five emblematic cases concerning aquatic ecosystems on the margins. On Saturday 4th at the IUCN, her friend, alongside different environmental organizations, will present the final verdict of the trials in Marseille at the IUCN congress. Hearing this amazing commitment and curious to see what would be the reaction and the engagement of policymaker hearing the final words of the civilian court, Floriane wanted to report from this specific session but also all the fabulous speeches and workshop that will be proposed during this one week event. After speaking to the YRE program coordinators, she directly wrote to the IUCN organizers and a few days later she received her press accreditation !

The IUCN congress got delayed by a year due to sanitary condition and take place this year with a innovative semi physical and digital organization. Unfortunately, Floriane will not be able to be at the different pavilions in Marseille chasing the right people to interview along the venue, but the online platform hosting the event gives her the possibility to network with other journalists, young environmentalists and changemakers. For one week it will be a heavy program with a dozen of sessions everyday and hopefully interviews that she will be able to conduct and post on. Do not forget to keep posted on social media and YRE Hub to follow her week!

No doubt that the special energy that emerges from this Mediterranean capital will lead stakeholders to fruitful debates to continue making a change for climate ambitions. 


New partnership with Global Waste Cleaning Network

FEE has become member of The Global Waste Cleaning Network!

GWCN is an international non-profit network comprised of NGOs, educational institutions, and private and public sector companies, that are active and interested in environmental issues related to the management and reduction of waste in the world, and the conservation of the oceans, coastlines, lands and atmosphere.

This partnership means that all FEE members can have access to its resources, webinars, and conferences. Its network spreads environmental literature and knowledge thanks to its Research Center. It is served by PhDs and researchers from around the world writing articles on about 20 environmental and energy areas of specialization, global and/or with focus on specific geographical regions and countries. The research center is in partnership with the eminent School of Water, Energy and Environment of Cranfield University in the UK.

We will also gain visibility through its website. Our activities will be featured there.

Thanks to this partnership, our network has also access to environmental events and grant opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact FEE Head Office for more information!

Capture GWCN.PNG

More precisely

GWCN is a fast growing organization focused on Environment Protection & Green Energy; subjects which are of serious importance to the habitants on planet Earth. They are at the forefront of growing a solid platform and thriving network of environment and energy companies, NGOs, and institutions, both private and public, which are actively involved in environmental issues, advocating carbon reduction and waste management of all kinds, i.e., solid, liquid, and gaseous waste, which adversely impact lives, flora and fauna and ecosystems.

YRE Competition: Vote for your favourite and help them to highlight their amazing work!

This year, we have received 229 submissions from 35 countries! They are all impressive and creative works from the young people.  

After meticulous pre-selection by a professional team from FEE Head Office, we are now sending out these shortlisted entries for the International Jury to decide the winners for different groups. 

Simply by clicking the “Enjoy” button on the upper right corner and sharing it with your friends. You have five votes at most for each entry! Enjoy the beautiful works, find your favourite, and help them to highlight their amazing work! 

The winners of the YRE International Competition 2021 will be selected by the Jury and announced at the beginning of September 2021.  

Good luck to all and congratulations to shortlisted stories!  

Blank-Template-Facebook-Group-Covers (1).jpg

Links to list of shortlisted stories :


Canada, The Healthcare Industry Saves Lives while Killing the Planet, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/canada-30  

 Latvia, Shimmering Dust, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/latvia-8?source=share-YREcompetition  

Montenegro, Love protects Sinjajevina, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/montenegro-39  

Morocco, DAR BOUAZZA LAKE: BIODIVERSITY IN PERIL, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/morocco-36?source=share-YREcompetition  

Romania, How much do disposable masks actually cost us? https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/romania-16?source=share-YREcompetition 

Slovakia, What the pandemic packed for us, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-40  

Switzerland, The dark and murky messaging of the major watch brands, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/switzerland  



France, Education at ecology's bedside, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-39 

Israel, Construction waste and dangerous waste – here on our backyard, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/israel-37?source=share-YREcompetition 

Ireland, How Climate Smart are our Smartphones?  https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/ireland-7 

Latvia, Microplastic - a small piece of a big problem, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/latvia-5?source=share-YREcompetition 

Switzerland, Turning off the lights at night, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/switzerland-1 

Slovakia, Avian inhabitants of the housing estates, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-39 

The Czech Republic, WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT – OUR APPEARANCE, OR OUR PLANET’S?, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/the-czech-republic-4?source=share-YREcompetition 

Romania, What do we do when the forest is destroyed?, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/romania-17?source=share-YREcompetition 

Portugal, Your Used Mask Can Be Valued, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-60 



France, The north textile industry, the ideal network for inventing sustainable and responsible fashion, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-32?source=share-YREcompetition 

Montenegro, Asphalt plant – Pljevlja’s new ecocidal phase, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/montenegro-41 


Wales, Plastics and the Pandemic, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/wales-13 

Slovakia, Villages at the foot of Luštek landfill inspire the whole https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-42 

Portugal, Montijo: An Option For The Future Or An Annouced Crime? https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-59 


Single Photo reportage 

Mauritius, Evidence of rising sea temperatures: Algae proliferation in coastal regions., https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/mauritius-2?source=share-YREcompetition 

Montenegro, The end of the world, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/montenegro-42 

Portugal, Lichens and a Healthy Looking School, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-62 

Slovakia, Lost Paradise, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-44 

Spain, Blinding Commercial Lights, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/spain-30?source=share-YREcompetition 

India, Unconditional bonding: life on land matters , India by YRE Competition - Exposure

Single Photo Campaign  

Canada, Our World is Slipping Down the Drain, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/canada-32 

Latvia, True emotions of the Baltic sea, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/latvia-6?source=share-YREcompetition 

Iceland, Sweet destruction, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/iceland-2 

Malta, A mission to reduce emission, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-57 

Portugal, Disposable Masks’Double, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-55 

Slovakia, Cycle, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-43 

Photo reportage consisting of 3-5 photos 

Ghana, The waste collecting, woman who is no waste, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/ghana-9?source=share-YREcompetition 

Latvia, Don`t oversalt soup as well as Riga`s streets, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/latvia-7?source=share-YREcompetition 

Montenegro, Hope collectors, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/montenegro-44 

Romania, The last „Swan Song”, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/romania-18?source=share-YREcompetition 

Portugal, Hygienic Strolls To “Clean The Garbage”, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-58 

Slovakia, The Scythe for LIfe, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-41 

India,  Organic Health, INDIA by YRE Competition - Exposure


France, How to consume more responsibly? https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-43?source=share-YREcompetition 

Israel, A Valley behind Bars, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/untitled-story-36?source=share-YREcompetition 

Portugal, Create & Respect, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-57 

Slovakia, Old Companions, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-45 

Sweden, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/sweden-19?source=share-YREcompetition 



Argentina, The Land Business, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/argentina-7?source=share-YREcompetition

Canada, Warehouse vs. Wetland, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/canada-28 

Israel, The consumption culture in an changing world, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/israel-42?source=share-YREcompetition 

Malta, Il-Qabru,  https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-52 

Montenegro, The Forgotten Duchess of the Adriatic, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/montenegro-46 

Republic of Korea, Toys Upcycling: A New Life for Toys, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/republic-of-korea-15?source=share-YREcompetition 

Turkey, RETURNABLE BOTTLE CAMPAIGN, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/turkey-35 



France, Green in blue jeans, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-33?source=share-YREcompetition 

Scotland, Fast Fashion Dining, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/scotland-15 

Slovakia, Food Waste at Home: A Problem with Solutions, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovakia-46 

Slovenia, Where does your snack come from? https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/slovenia-3?source=share-YREcompetition 

International collaboration 

Montenegro, Turkey, Video, Cooperation between generations, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/montenegro-turkey-1 

Portugal, Turkey, Article, Unnoticed Danger: The Fashion Industry, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-turkey 

Portugal, Turkey, Article, The Sea Starts Here, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/untitled-story-33 

Portugal, Montenegro, Article, How Can Traditional Watering Systems Help The Environment?,  https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/portugal-montenegro-5 

Portugal, Turkey, Video, Different countries, same problem – Finding a sollution for the polution!, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/untitled-story-35 

Turkey, Slovenia, Article, HONEY BEES ARE IMPORTANT MEMBERS OF A SUSTAINABLE LIFE, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/turkeyslovenia 

Turkey, Portugal, Video, ONE BIRD, ONE WORLD, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/turkeyportugal 



France, Stop plastic!, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-40?source=share-YREcompetition 

New Zealand, Cat Food Packaging, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/new-zealand-19?source=share-YREcompetition 

Wales, How has the pandemic affected the use of single use plastics?, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/wales-12 



France, Act in the present to save our future, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-37?source=share-YREcompetition 

Malta, Is sustainability a joke?, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-53 

New Zealand, Chews a Better Future, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/untitled-story-21?source=share-YREcompetition 

India, Is the Mawlynnong model truly difficult to follow?, India by YRE Competition - Exposure


LLC Single photo campaign 

Malta, The Bottled Fish, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-56 

New Zealand, Replaced, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/new-zealand-24/ 

Spain, Think, the world is not TV, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/spain-39 

Wales, Nearly Made It, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/wales-14 


LLC Single photo reportage 

Malta, Hope, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-59 

New Zealand, Trapped, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/new-zealand-21 

Spain, GARBAGE AND WASTE NEXT, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/spain-37 


LLC Photo reportage consisting of 3-5 photos 

Malta, Rainbow of uses, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-58 

New Zealand, Glad Wrap is Bad Wrap, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/new-zealand-23?source=share-YREcompetition 



France, The future of food waste at St Marie's middle school, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-41?source=share-YREcompetition 

Ireland, YRE Rural Litter Report, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/ireland-8 

Malta, My mask - I care, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-50 

Wales, Don't bin the bag, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/wales-16 

 India, My compost story, INDIA by YRE Competition - Exposure


Malta, No to junk mail, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malta-51 

France, Open-hearted to the oceans, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/france-38?source=share-YREcompetition 

Wales / Spain / Lebanon, How can we reduce plastic across the World?, https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/wales-spain-lebanon 

India, Littering is not our culture, INDIA by YRE Competition - Exposure


India, Keep it glassy!, INDIA by YRE Competition - Exposure

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