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FEE Academy: Maltese Students First to Receive Young Photojournalist Certificates!

It’s been just over three months since we first opened the Photography for Photojournalism course on FEE Academy and it’s been great to see how many students (and teachers) from different parts of the world have signed up to give it a try!


“I really enjoyed doing this course because I learned how to take photos in a professional manner. I encourage other students to take this course as this will help them to learn new skills which is fun to do online and it's free of charge.” - Yasmin Micallef, YRE Malta Student

A big ‘Congratulations!’ from the YRE International Team to the first participants to successfully complete the course and receive their Young Photojournalist certificates; YRE Malta students, including Yasmin Micallef, Jasmine Geriwa and Hannah Mharam Mercieca and their teachers Beverley Micallef, Rebecca Ellul, Joseph Pavia, and Nadine Parnis from St. Margaret College, Cospicua Girls' Learning Support Centre! In particular, we’d like to acknowledge the time and effort put in by Ms. Beverley Micallef, who went through the course with her students and created some fantastic presentations to accompany parts of the course. These presentations will be made available in upcoming versions of the course. Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who has provided feedback for the photography course! It has been incredibly helpful in perfecting the course and making sure it runs smoothly.  

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As you can see from the images below, the highlight has been seeing students getting outside with their cameras and finding new angles from which to explore their environment! Not only that, but students also get a chance to submit an original photograph of theirs for the ‘Practice YRE Competition’ activity. It’s a chance to practice nailing that catchy title, writing a description and caption and sending a message! On the left is a great example from YRE Malta student Kezayah.

“During this course I enjoyed mostly doing the quizzes and learning about photography skills.” - Jasmine Geriwa, YRE Malta Student

As of today, almost 300 people have signed up to FEE Academy with most learners coming from the UK, New Zealand, Portugal and Malta and over 120 people have enrolled in the Photography for Photojournalism course from YRE. The current round of the photography course ends on April 30th, but don’t worry - we’ll be re-opening a new and improved version at the end of June! 

Don’t want to wait until June to try a FEE Academy course?  On May 5th we’re launching the brand-new course “Strategies to Advance Circular Economy”! To get started, create an account on FEE Academy.  

Happy learning! 

  • The YRE International Team 

Announcing Earth Action Hub: A 3-Day Virtual Climate Event!

Connecting people to inspire change



The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is excited to be announcing the launch of Earth Action Hub, a dynamic 3-day virtual event dedicated to engaging everyone from youth to elders in learning about and promoting sustainable solutions to climate change!

Hosted by FEE, Earth Action Hub is the creation of the international, youth-led Organizing Committee made up of seven dedicated members: Barry McLaughlin (Ireland), Jessica Laxton (England), Joanna Tao (New Zealand), Kristina Madsen (Denmark), Paola Bay (Italy), Reeza Hanselmann (USA/Germany) and Samia Gomes (Brazil), all with the shared vision of building an online collaborative community that will serve as inspiration and support for continued environmental action across the globe.

“Our mission is to offer international youth-led virtual events and showcase resources that will give people the knowledge, skills, support, and hope needed to make changes in their daily lives that collectively will have a profound positive impact on the environment.”


SAVE THE DATES: 21-23 May 2021

The first annual Earth Action Hub event will be kicking off on Friday, May 21st at 14:00 UTC, starting with an Opening Ceremony filled with individuals from around the world and diving straight into a variety of talks, conversations and workshops. We’ve got over 24 hours of fun, dynamic and educational activities and sessions planned so Earth Action Hub is sure to be a success! And everyone’s invited!

Since our goal is to highlight a diverse range of voices, stories and experiences around solutions to climate change, we’re fortunate to have a number of incredible partners and speakers supporting Earth Action Hub all around the world. You can learn more about our partners on the Earth Action Hub website - we’re adding new ones every day!

Help us support the creation and maintenance of the online Earth Action Hub website with a donation!

Follow us @EarthActionHub on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and share our posts using #earthactionhub!

Check out our website and sign up to our newsletter to join the Earth Action Hub community and stay updated on news both leading up to and after our inaugural event!

Interested in partnering with us or running a session at the event? Send an email to                                                         

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Earth Action hub is hosted by Foundation for Environmental Education, a member-based environmental non-profit organization.  With members in 77 countries around the world, FEE is the world’s largest environmental education organisation. Through five groundbreaking programmes, FEE helps communities realise the benefits of sustainable living.

YRE Launches 2 New Courses on FEE Academy!

Happy New Year to our wonderful YRE community!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our first two Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) courses in the Foundation for Education’s (FEE) online learning platform, FEE Academy. Our YRE International team has put a tremendous amount of time and care into creating a YRE National Operators introduction course and a photography and photojournalism course for students (whether they have participated in YRE before or not)!


Made especially for current and soon-to-be YRE National Operators, the YRE National Operators course gives learners an overview of the YRE programme, how to set up and run the programme at the national level, and lots of tools and resources to support our National Operators in making the YRE programme a success!

Our second course, Photography for Photojournalism, was created to give young people anywhere with an internet connection an opportunity to learn about visual storytelling, develop their photography skills and become familiar with the YRE programme and our annual international competition. The lessons are divided across six modules, and learners are asked to participate in activities both online and offline. It has been designed so that learners can go through the content independently and at their own pace, making it a flexible and fun learning experience!

While we are proud of what we’ve created so far, we know it could always be better, which is why we will be continuously improving the quality and content of the courses based on the feedback we receive from you, the learners.

Curious? You can easily enroll any time before March 1st. Individuals who have enrolled in the courses will then be able to participate in the courses starting from January 15th until March 19th.

Itching to get started on a course? First, go to FEE Academy and create an account. Once you’re a confirmed user, you can log into FEE Academy, go to the Young Reporters for the Environment section and enroll in the course you’d like to take. It’s that simple! Looking forward to seeing you in class!

- The YRE International Team