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New Zealand

Planting Initiative

O'Driscoll House undertook a planting initiative at the local Oakley Creek to attract wildlife to urban areas and to protect the health and cleanliness of the creek. The creek is home to plenty of native flora and fauna and including the threatened Longfin eel. They had an impressive result of 30 students planting 650 native species in one day! Initiatives like this help support native species and promote ecosystem biodiversity!


Environment Youth club’s clean-up campaign

Environment Conservation Youth Club (ECYC) conducted a clean-up campaign at Bhavani Beach, Mahuva near Bhavnagar in Gujarat, India. With about 30 volunteers, the group cleaned a one kilometer coastal stretch in just 3 hours. The group collected 15-20 kilograms of solid dry waste including single-use plastic bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, polythene bags, cement sacks, and other solid dry waste.

Later, this waste was sent for proper disposal and recycling. Bottle caps were collected separately and reused to make decorative pieces, while plastic is used to make bricks and benches.


“Waste reduction starts with me”

Panlong Primary School joined hands with the community of Yingxiang, Jinchen Street, Pan Long District, to carry out the event themed " Waste reduction starts with me —work together to build an international ecology school".

Participating in the paper waste reduction activities were families of various sizes, with little and large hands working together. Parents and children created their own record sheets to track the amount of garbage they produced each day, and then the entire community came together to weigh the total weight of paper garbage produced over the course of a two weeks, with each family striving to become more environmentally (and economically) conscious.

Aside from that, the parents and children launched a waste reduction campaign to raise awareness of the issue across the community, resulting in a positive attitude towards saving paper and resource conservation.


Sharing Knowledge about Sustainability

As a Community Action Day, 11 YRE schools from 11 different municipalities got together for an Environmental Seminar, sharing presentations and videos about their actions and community engagement during the Litter Less Campaign. It was a great way for students to share their knowledge about sustainability and the environment as well as to inspire others and meet new people!

To make this day even better, students also created a song and dance that they performed for the audience of guests, teachers and their fellow students.