Recurrent toxins (YRE 2019).jpeg

The students of the CEIP La Inmaculada or Salar (Granada) conducted an investigation on the state of conservation of the river that runs through the municipality, as they detected near the school a pipeline that discharged untreated wastewater directly into the river, leaving in its riversides numerous waste and garbage. 

To make this situation known and inform the population, the students decided to take action. First, they carried out a survey among the neighbors to know the degree of awareness and knowledge. Secondly, they conducted an interview with the Mayor of the town to express the seriousness of the situation, and finally, they organized a demonstration to demand measures to improve the environmental quality of the river. 

During the interview, the Mayor confirmed to the students that currently the wastewater is discharged directly into the river without being treated. According to his words, the municipality has done everything possible; however the resources of the Government of Andalusia are insufficient, since there are many sewage treatment plants that still have to be done. Meanwhile, the population continues paying fines for non-compliance with the European Directive. From the City Council they say that they are doing their best to solve this situation, and thank the students for investigating and informing the population.