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On March 4, 2019, the celebration of the Community Action Day took place at the Santa Rafaela SAFA EEPP of Pedro Abad (Córdoba). This day aimed to raise awareness among students and families of the importance of recycling and the proper management of waste. The conference given to the Young Reporters for the Environment and the rest of the students of the educational center focused on highlighting the interconnection between the different environmental problems.

The students were also able to present the journalistic works carried out within the Litter Less Campaign, which focused on measures by the municipality to detect improperly discharged garbage. The students were surprised by the large amount of waste produced and discharged into the environment. With all the photographs taken by the students, they made a photographic exhibition, to which the mayor of the municipality was invited and in which she was able to find out which were the most degraded places in the town. A process of joint reflection was carried out with the mayor, who gave ideas to improve and resolve the situation.