Seven Young Reporters Students selected to participate in the Youth Environment Education Congress (YEEC) – 13 – 17 March 2022 in Prague (Czech Republic)

Youth Environmental Education Congress (YEEC) is a side event of THE 11th WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CONGRESS (WEEC). A unique event driven by young people who are changing the world by being active within civic and environmental challenges and promoting the enhancement of their education and steps for a long-term future.

YEEC focusing on the support and development of youth with active participation in public affairs, education, environmental, climate and sustainability issues. Bringing together active youths from around the world to inspire and support one another while experiencing an engaging 5 day program. Together they will deliver a message on youth needs and environmental education at the 11th World Environmental Education Congress and will discuss it with leading world educators and key actors in environmental education.

FEE and the YRE programme are the official partners of YEEC and will be presented there also to run different sessions and facilitate activities with youth. More about YEEC can be found here Youth Congress (

As the Youth Environmental Education Congress will take place in one week, it is time to present to you the YRE students selected!

·    Eva Šintler

·    Demetra Jarc

·    Kristina Mihelinč

·    Luka Skok

·    Maša Melinc

·    Melani Jagodič

·    Omar Husejnagić

Congratulations to them!

As a reminder, their mission will be to:

·    Participate in an entire week training about environmental issues.

·    Attend to different workshops, trainings, but also trips and visits to local organizations and places

·    Report their experience at YEEC.

Students can choose to make either articles or short videos that will be published on YRE’s Exposure page. They are also asked to make daily posts on YRE social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and to represent programmes’ internationally. 

Among 110 participants of the YEEC we have also YRE students from Turkey, Morocco, Northern Ireland and other countries.