Selfish and Hotdog (Republic of Korea)

YRE Competition 2020
Shared 1st Place video campaign
15-18 years old

One of the main problems that come as a product of modernity and technological development are the vices of overproduction and overconsumption. Consumers want more products and services than ever before, which increases the need to satiate the materialistic thirst of the masses. The things we own become our identity, and how we shape ourselves in modern societies. The fancy clothes and expensive cars determine your worth. The things we own, end up owning us. In the midst of all this, the profit is quite irresistible for the companies to stop and think about the harm done to the environment in the name of mass production. I thought it would be great to satirically symbolize these vices as a fish named “selfish”, visited by an alien dog who does not understand the destructive tendencies of these perpetrators of such malintentions, hence abducting all of the “selfish” as a solution for a better Earth.

By: Joonsung Kim