The end of the world (Montenegro)

YRE Competition 2021
Single photo reportage
11-25 years

Djordje Pejović, Secondary vocational school "Spasoje Raspopović", Podgorica (MONTENEGRO)

The disappearance of Biogradsko Lake

Biogradsko Lake, which is the heart of the Biogradska gora National Park (on the Tentative List of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves), is one step closer to drying up. Like most glacial lakes, it is doomed to disappear slowly.

The upper part of the lake often dries up completely, and the water level is very low. The reasons for the disappearance are various - glaciation, the appearance of abysses... In the place of perfect beauty, not so beautiful images of the "end of the world" appear. With the disappearance of the lake, its living world and the heart of one of the last three large virgin rain forests in Europe will disappear.


Single Photo Reportage, 11-25 years

1st Place
Title: The end of the world
Country: Montenegro

Honourable Mentions
Title: Hope
Country: Malta