Our world is slipping down the drain (Canada)

YRE Competition 2021
Photo Campaign
11-25 years old

The life of our planet is slowly draining away. Light needs to be shed on this dark hole that is gradually devouring our world. The apathy and neglect towards our planet is speeding up the process of degradation in our environment. Reduced biodiversity presents a direct threat towards millions of people and the health of our ecosystems. Alarmingly, pollution has also become a contributing factor towards ecosystem endangerment and global warming. With the world crippling beneath our feet, action needs to be taken in order to achieve a beautiful and healthy planet.



Single Photo Campaign, 11-25 years

1st Place
Title: Our World is Slipping Down the Drain
Country: Canada

2nd Place
Title: Disposable Masks’ Double flight
Country: Portugal

Honourable Mention
Title: Sweet destruction
Country: Iceland