PRESS RELEASE: Litter Less Campaign Phase V


Litter Less Campaign 

The longest-running school campaign on litter continues.

Over 3.6 million students from more than 6000 schools across the world have participated in the Litter Less Campaign for the past 11 years. Over the years, the campaign has given students, teachers, parents, and local communities the key to better understanding and addressing the issue of litter and waste. 

The Litter Less Campaign, which was launched in 2011, has just entered its fifth phase and will be implemented in 7 Eco-Schools and 4 YRE countries until 2025. The campaign is a joint initiative between the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and the Mars Wrigley Foundation, which educates children and youth on the issue of litter and gives them the opportunity to engage their local communities in awareness-raising activities.  The newest phase of the Litter Less Campaign will also be implemented in partnership with UNESCO ASPnet and the World Organisation of Scouts Movement (WOSM). 

Through the Eco-Schools and Young Reporters for the Environment programmes, students will carry out litter action plans and media campaigns that aim to address specific litter and waste issues. These issues will be carefully selected by the schools together with their National Operators in order to achieve the biggest and most relevant impact in their local communities. 

“The environmental code of conduct has been drawn up and reformed. The LLC has served to put more care and respect for the environment on the lips of our educational community. The development and implementation of the project was a big strength: advertising, collaboration in the campaign of local companies, promotion of sustainable local commerce.”, an Eco-School teacher from CEIP Tierra de Pinares (Spain). 

Litter Less Campaign - Scotland - Phase IV

A campaign with a new approach  

Unlike previous years, Phase V of the Litter Less Campaign is taking a new approach to litter and waste.  This new phase will focus on tackling gender inequalities, engaging new partners, building the capacities of stakeholders to take action on litter and waste, and monitoring and evaluation of progress by gathering data from schools through an online platform. Experience from teachers implementing the LLC provides valuable insight into the campaign’s effects on students learning.  

“YRE and Eco-Schools have afforded the pupils more opportunities to engage in outdoor activities. They have been essential in opening pupils’ eyes and minds to issues regarding the environment in their area. They have empowered young people to take action and recognize that they can be part of the solution.” -Teacher from St. Mary’s CBGS school (Northern Ireland). 

Litter Less Campaign - Kenya - Phase III

Monitoring and evaluation of the campaign conducted over the past four years demonstrated positive impact on students’ knowledge, attitude, and opinion leadership with respect to littering and waste management. The data shows that students who participate in the campaign know more about waste management, conserve more resources, and are less likely to litter compared with students who do not participate in the campaign. In the next three years, a more thorough evaluation will be implemented in order to bring a more in-depth understanding of the campaign’s effect on students. 

FEE is committed to strive for excellence in its programmes and campaign. Through the evaluation of the Litter Less Campaign, we not only gain insights on how to improve in promoting ESD but also demonstrate to our sponsor, our member organizations and to the teachers themselves how their efforts contribute to improvements in student’s waste literacy as well as to a healthier and cleaner environment. 

“The main aim of this assessment is to demonstrate impact on a large scale, it relies mostly on quantitative data analysis. However, qualitative data in form of case studies and statements from teachers implementing the campaign was also included. The case studies show how students bring about a change in the awareness for waste issues in their community during the LLC that is more difficult to capture through a global quantitative survey,” says Shimon Ginzburg, Project Evaluation Officer at the FEE Head Office.    

Litter Less Campaign - England - Phase III

About the Foundation for Environmental Education 

Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world's largest environmental education organization with members in 77 countries. Through five ground-breaking programs, FEE empowers people to take meaningful and purposeful action to help create a more sustainable world. 

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