PRESS RELEASE: Launch of the YRE International Competition 2019

Gosia Luszczek, International YRE Director | E:
Kristina Madsen, International YRE Coordinator | E:

Do you feel passionate about the environment? Do you want to investigate environmental issues and solutions? Then join the International Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Competition 2019 by writing an article, submitting a photo, or making a video. The winning entries will be published internationally on the online platform Medium and on the YRE website!
The International YRE Competition is open to students aged 11-25 from the 34 countries running the YRE programme. Students first have to compete in the National YRE Competition in their respective country and be selected as a national winner before being sent onwards to the International Competition.

For detailed information about the Competition, visit the YRE Competition page

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The International YRE Competition consists of three different categories:

International Competition

Open to all countries and all themes, except for the litter theme for countries participating in the Litter Less Campaign. Countries that are not participating in the Campaign, can still submit entries related to the litter problem.

Litter Less Campaign

The theme must be related to litter. This category is open to countries that are involved in the Litter Less Campaign: New Zealand, China, India, Israel, Wales, Spain, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.
*Please note that the submissions under the theme of Litter from Litter Less Campaign countries will be evaluated separately, and the winners will receive recognition with a certificate.

International Collaboration

Open to all countries with three recommended themes from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: 11-Sustainable Cities, 12-Responsible Consumption & Production, 13-Climate Action.
The submission must be a collaborative work between two countries and (as something new!) the entry can be an “Article”, a “Photo Reportage of 3 photos” or a “Video”. Read more here.

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The Sustainable Development Goals through the YRE Competition
YRE is in the process of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) into the YRE Competition. Therefore, participants are obliged to reflect on the link between their entry and one or more SDGs. This reflection can be included as a part of the journalistic piece or it can be a short additional text which is added to the registration form when uploading the entry. Remember that an environmental lens is always required, also when a social or economic SDG is chosen as a topic of investigation.