Past Webinar Recordings

A description and link to the recording of all past webinars hosted by FEE’s educational programmes (YRE, Eco-Schools, LEAF) can be found below. Enjoy!

Monitoring Biodiversity using Satellite Data

Date: 8 February Time: 2 pm CET

Speaker: Grundo’s team

Target group: teachers and students

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and includes the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life. Over the last century, humans have had an accelerating environmental impact on the planet, causing rapid ecosystem change and massive loss of biodiversity across the planet. Major direct threats to biodiversity include habitat loss and fragmentation, unsustainable resource use, invasive species, pollution, and global climate change.

Using satellite data and scientific models, we can now monitor the evolution of biodiversity and quantify data about deforestation, vegetation health and diversity, soil fertility, and water pollution. The purpose of this webinar is to learn how we process this data, use it to create awareness, and guide children and adults in protecting the planet.

Grundo is a Swiss-Singapore company operating in Asia and Europe. It aims to provide targeted consulting engagement as well as technology solutions over issues related to sustainability and food security.

Previous works in Colombia have already promoted young environmentalists :

For more information :

Mapping Tools:

Experiments, videos and quizzes: An introduction to DW’s free environmental learning materials

Date: 25 January Time: 2 pm CET

Speaker: Kerstin Palme, Environment Editor at Deustche Welle

Target group: teachers

Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster and one of the most successful and relevant international media outlets. DW provides journalistic content in 32 languages, giving people worldwide the opportunity to form their own opinions.

By watching this webinar, you will discover DW’s learning packs about key environment topics are accessible to students through animated films, TV reports, interactive online stories and explainers, picture cards and quizzes. The packs also include simple experiments that help students connect with their immediate environment and understand the big issues first-hand.

Useful link :

European Environment Agency – gateway to information and data on environment and climate in Europe

Date: 7 December Time: 2 pm CET

Speaker: Antti Kaartinen, Press officer, European Environment Agency

Target group: teachers

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union, whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment. The EEA aims to support sustainable development by helping to achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment, through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policymaking agents and the public.

This webinar focused on how to access and use the EEA’s publicly available reports, briefings, data, interactive maps, and other resources. Some of EEA’s information can be used by teachers to cover specific topics – such as state of nature, air quality or climate hazards – while other products and services can be useful sources of data and information for older students or aspiring journalists.

Useful links: European Environment Agency’s website

Joining the Young Reporters for the Environment Programme

Date: 5th October 2021 Time: 2 pm CEST


  • Reeza Hanselmann, Young Reporters for the Environment Programme Assistant

  • Gosia Luszczek, International Young Reporters for the Environment Director

  • Reyhan Bilgili, English teacher from Turkey

  • Rosa Maricato, English teacher from Portugal

Both won the first price with their students in the international collaboration category this year. See their awarded entry below: PORTUGAL | TURKEY by YRE Competition - Exposure

  • Berverly Micallef, teacher of economics from Malta

In this webinar, you are introduced to the Young Reporters for the Environment programme and it has been shown how to support students eager to participate in the YRE programme and competition. We went over the different competition categories and break down examples from this year’s competition winners, as well as share practical resources for incorporating YRE in the classroom. This webinar is great for teachers both new to and familiar with YRE who are looking for inspiration! Students can also find out tips for the new competition!

Introduction to the Mini Litter Less Campaign

Date: September 21st Time: 2pm CEST


  • Gosia Luszczek, International Young Reporters for the Environment Director

  • Shimon Ginzburg, Project evaluation officer

  • Floriane Laumond, YRE intern

Template for announcement of the LL mini-campaign.png

The Mini Litter Less Campaign will take place from the 18th to the 28th of October. You will have to complete 7 mini Litter Less Campaign actions and you will be able to participate to the mini Litter Less Campaign competition until the 12th of November. Watch the the launching webinar’s recording to know more about how to participate, register and find answer to your questions! Do not hesitate to have a look there: Mini Litter Less Campaign 2021 — Young Reporters for the Environment (

Click here to follow the campaign on social media

GAIA 20:30 Biodiversity campaign launch webinar

Date: September 14th Time: 2pm CEST


  • Nicole Andreou, International Coordinator of Education, FEE

  • Pramod Kumar Sharma, Senior Director of Education, FEE

To disseminate our principles and encourage students, parents, teachers, and communities to take active part in supporting and saving our natural environment, we launch the GAIA 20:30 Biodiversity Campaign, encompassing a set of activities that emphasise the importance of protecting nature. The campaign is aligned with the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration.

Find out more about the campaign here!

Climate Change & Land: Understand the issue to teach it better!

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity is facing. It will shape the future of our society; therefore, it is essential to educate future generations to climate sciences. Lands are part of the climate system; they are also impacted by climate change, and they are part of solutions to mitigate climate change. In this webinar, we will discuss together the important role of land use in the question of climate change: firstly, by working on why lands are important for us, then what is climate change and how it affects land and finally what practices society could implement to face climate change. All of this interactive webinar will focus on how we can work on this specific topic with students from primary school to high school, via examples of inquiry-based pedagogical resources developed by the Office for Climate Education.

Speaker: Simon Klein, Climate for Climate Education

Link to presentation (please note that you can click on different images links/images in the presentation to access additional resources)

Other useful links:
Office for Climate Education’s website
Ocean and Cryosphere package

Global Action Days - My Actions Matter!

Date: 7 April 2021 Time: 14:00 CEST

An interactive webinar for schools around the world!

This is your chance to:

  1. Learn more about the campaign and how small actions can have a big effect!

  2. Reflect on your connection with nature and your daily habits.

  3. Understand the basic concept of Compassion.

  4. Learn how to join the campaign as a school.

  5. Ask any questions you may have!


Pramod Kumar Sharma, Senior Director of Education, FEE
Randolph Oudemans, Founder and CEO, Now.Here.
Kristina Madsen, International Coordinator of Education, FEE

Watch it here.

Why should we care about Biodiversity?

Date: 30 March 2021 Time: 14:00 CEST

Speaker: Jessie Chew

Jessie Chew hails from Malaysia, one of the world's megadiverse countries and also the world's second largest palm oil exporter. A "serial educator", she has spent the last decade in schools and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Malaysia), working to empower the younger generation as future leaders. Her greatest satisfaction comes from the people she work with: students who fight fiercely for a better tomorrow, teachers who dedicate their time to impart knowledge, and environmental advocates who inspire her to remain hopeful in the face of adversity. 

For the past six years, Jessie has been supporting the Eco-Schools Programme in Malaysia as part of WWF-Malaysia's Education for Sustainable Development team. Apart from capacity building, she has also co-produced resources for the programme such as Biodiversity and Nature as Eco-Themes. In this session, she will be sharing about the importance of biodiversity, the challenges and threats, as well as taking actions from the Eco-Schools perspective.

Watch it here.

Videography Workshop with YRE

Date: 16th February 2021 Time: 14:00 CET

We believe one of the best ways to share your story is through video, which is why we’re running a videography workshop on February 16th at 14:00 CET! Come learn more what goes into making videos that promote real-life solutions to environmental issues we see in our communities! We’re inviting students and young people from around the world to come learn some practical tips and tricks to help and inspire you to make your own video. You’ll also get to hear directly from students about how they made a video that received an award in the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) International Competition in 2020! 

Join us for a fun and inspiring videography webinar on February 16th - a perfect opportunity if you want to create a video for the Trash Hack campaign!

Watch it here.

Trash Hack Campaign Launch: Action Learning for Sustainable Development (with UNESCO)

Date: 29th January 2021 Time: 13:30 CET

The Trash Hack Campaign is a partnership between the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to make a global call and to invite all their members to engage in action learning on trash, waste management and, more widely, sustainable development!

To support school communities and in particular teachers to engage their students in trash hacking their schools, homes and communities, UNESCO developed a short practical guide. This online event presents an opportunity for UNESCO Associated Schools and Eco-schools to come together, engage with the Trash Hack Campaign as well as the Guide, share some good practice examples and plan for action.

Watch it here.

FEE EcoCampus – Green Curriculum Integration at the GRETB Letterfrack Further Education Centre

The FEE EcoCampus programme is an educational award programme to help transform Higher Education Institutions (HEI) as a hub for Education for Sustainable Development. The goal is to empower students to become leaders and active citizens for sustainability by engaging teachers, staff and students as well as the wider community in positive actions. This webinar will be hosted by Dr Sorcha O’Toole who will present how the GRETB Letterfrack Further Education Centre integrates sustainability with their curriculum.

Watch it here.

Forest Stories (LEAF) Webinar Series:

Interactive Lesson Planning: Teach about orangutans, palm oil, and conservation

Date: 8th December 2020 Time: 14:00 CET

Speaker: Pangaea Finn, The Orangutan Gang Founder

Description: Every day, thousands of acres of rainforest are destroyed in Southeast Asia to make room for the rapidly growing palm oil industry at the core of 50% of grocery store products. But even while palm oil production continues to contribute to deforestation, species extinction, and climate change, educators and young people are stepping up to help protect endangered rainforest species. In this Orangutan Gang webinar, learn how as an educator you can take steps to engage your students with this issue through an interactive online lesson plan. Using the Orangutan Gang's helpful resources, you can motivate your students with fillable worksheets, educational videos, class discussions, and online research, inspiring your students to become the future of environmental advocacy.

Watch the recording here.

Film Screening & Discussion: How goats can regenerate our forests

 Date: 15th December 2020 Time: 10:00 CET

Speaker: Patrick Jones, community forester

Description: This webinar focuses on how a forest commons regrew a neighbourhood and on the importance of becoming a 'custodial species' again. In the form of a film screening followed by a discussion, you will learn about the story of a community-led permaculture initiative mitigating forest fire risk using goats and hand tools rather than herbicides, heavy machinery, and burn-offs. Patrick Jones is a community forester, permaculture teacher, poet, forager, father, gardener and de-growth economy activist. He is part of the neo-peasant collective Artist as Family. Find out how Patrick is working with goats to regenerate these beautiful forests! For more on his collaborative work please visit @artistasfamily.

Watch it here.

Fake News and Media Literacy (With Shout Out UK)

Date: 17th November 2020 Time: 15:00 CET

Description: What better way to tackle misinformation and conspiracies about climate change than head-on? With misinformation rife both on social media and in political discourse, it's important that people are 'media literate' so they can tell what's fact and what's fiction. This timely webinar gives you the tools to identify and tackle false news and to respond to climate denialism, as discussions about global warming continue to heat up.

Watch the recording here.

FEE EcoCampus – case studies on curricular integration

Date: 3rd November 2020 Time: 13:00 CET

Description: The FEE EcoCampus programme is an educational award programme to help transform Higher Education Institutions (HEI) as a hub for Education for Sustainable Development. The goal is to empower students to become leaders and active citizens for sustainability by engaging teachers, staff and students as well as the wider community in positive actions. This webinar aims to share case studies of how FEE EcoCampuses around the world are integrating sustainability with the curriculum.  The first webinar presents two examples from Ireland and Malaysia.

Green Curriculum Integration at the GRETB Letterfrack Further Education Centre
Dr Sorcha O'Toole
VTOS Coordinator, GRETB
Further Education Centre, Ireland

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development – What, Why and How?
Dr Subarna Sivapalan,
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

Find more information about FEE EcoCampus and speakers here. Watch the recording here.

YRE Workshop

Date: 27th October 2020 Time: 15:00 CET

Description: Are you passionate about fighting climate change? Do you have a story to tell about environmental issues in your community? Come learn about the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme! Through investigative environmental journalism, Young Reporters use their voice to speak up for the environment and find solutions for the challenges our planet is facing today.

The YRE workshop is a chance for you to learn about participating in the YRE programme and to hear from YRE alumni about how you can make an impact as a Young Reporter. Whether you’re a writer, a photographer or filmmaker who cares about creating a sustainable future, YRE is an opportunity to share your message both in your local community and with the world. 

It’s time to tell your story. Join the YRE workshop to find out more!

Watch it here.

Children for Children Webinar Series:

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Date: 13th October 2020 Time: 18:00 CEST

Description: Tuesday, October 13th is the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. In recognition of this, the second webinar in our Children for Children webinar series is about disaster risk reduction. Olivia Copsey, who co-authored the Eco-Schools Indian Ocean Disaster Risk Reduction Toolkit, will speak about how students, teachers and their school communities can better prepare and cope with disasters. A closer look at the critical role of mangroves in protecting The Bahamas from climate change will be given by BREEF's Education Coordinator and Eco-Schools National Operator, Kevin Glinton. As a result of climate change, we are all at greater risk of disasters, whether it be a hurricane, drought, or a global pandemic. This webinar will reflect on past disasters we’ve faced and educate for a more resilient future. We hope you’ll join us. 

Watch it here.

Eco-Schools in The Bahamas: Where are we now?

Date: 6th October 2020 Time: 15:00 CEST

Description: A little less than a year ago, FEE in partnership with BREEF launched the Eco-Schools Children for Children Campaign in support of 12 Eco-Schools in The Bahamas that were damaged by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to hear teachers from The Bahamas share how Hurricane Dorian impacted them and their schools and the recovery process since then. BREEF's Education Coordinator and Eco-Schools National Operator, Kevin Glinton will also talk about the coral reefs and the role they play in protecting the islands of The Bahamas from natural disasters exacerbated by climate change. Lastly, teachers from schools participating in the Children for Children Campaign will share how you and your school can join to increase awareness, develop empathy and to help raise funds for the Eco-Schools in The Bahamas.

Watch it here.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)

Date: 29th September 2020 Time: 3PM CEST

Description: This webinar will be hosted by Aurelia Gasca and Sylvain Bertrand from UNICEF and will introduce you to the UNICEF water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) Programme, whose efforts last year in over 100 countries worldwide provided nearly 14 million people with clean water and over 11 million with basic toilets! During the webinar you will get to know more about the WASH initiative and will be introduced to the resources available for schools.

The webinar will also introduce the first of the campaigns FEE is planning for YRE and Eco-Schools for the coming school year - #YREStayActive and #EcoSchoolsStayActive! These campaigns are designed for students that are facing COVID-19 challenges and will help them stay active with weekly activities and mini-competitions to increase their skills and knowledge around each theme – the best stories shared from schools and students will be awarded at the end of the campaign! Join the webinar to learn about how to run these campaigns on your school and get materials for the activities and challenges!

Watch it here.

Teaching Online: Tools and Tips

Date: 22nd September 2020 Time: 2 PM CEST

Speakers: Evgenii Permiakov and Laura Rio Fernandez

Description: We recognize that many schools and teachers around the world are still faced with the challenges of COVID-19 and whether the students are coming back into the classroom, only learning remotely or both, this webinar will give you some basic tools and resources to tackle teaching online. We’ll be joined by guest speakers Evgenii Permiakov and Laura Rio Fernandez. Evgenii is an educator, cinematographer, gamer, educational technology specialist, and father originally from Russia and now based out of Kuwait, Middle East. He will speak more generally about education technology and online teaching resources. Laura works as a Development Education Officer for Trócaire, that’s based in Belfast, Ireland. She will speak more specifically about how environmental education can be adapted to online spaces. Between our two experienced guest speakers, this webinar is sure to be educational and engaging! We hope you’ll join us!

Watch it here.

Plastic Amazon: Not Just Our Oceans with Dan O’Neill

Date: 16th September 2020 Time: 15:30 UTC

Speaker: Dan O’Neill

Description: Join us for the third in our series of Tackling Plastic webinars from Eco-Schools NI, part of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful. In this webinar, wildlife explorer, film maker and field biologist Dan O’Neill will entertain and motivate us to do our part in tackling Pointless Plastic with emphasis on rivers.

Scientists have now found evidence of plastic contamination in the freshwater fish of the Amazon. We hear about the extent to which bags, bottles, and other waste is affecting our oceans, but what about our rivers? Dan O’Neill will lead us on a journey into how 1/5th of plastic waste into the oceans actually comes from rivers, meet the millions of people and animals that depend on the plastic contaminated river fish, and show how just a small change in your practices at home can go a long way to protecting local rivers and freshwater species.

Permaculture Garden: A Path Towards Food Security (with YRE Malaysia)

Date: 20th August 2020 Time: 14:00 CEST

Speaker: Remi Giromella

Description: Food wastage has always been one of the critical issues needed to be addressed for a sustainable future. There are about 1.3 billions of tons reported discarded food. Join Remi Giromella QCI Manager at the Datai Langkawi, Malaysia, with his colleague Zakwan to uncover their secret of achieving the zero-waste goals through the creation of a permaculture garden.

Watch it here.

Recycling and Upcycling: Don't Trash Our Future!  (with YRE Malaysia)

Date: Thursday, 6th August 2020 Time: 14:00 CEST

Speaker: Remi Giromella

Description: Everyone has heard of recycling, but what about upcycling? Let's discover more about the process with Remi Giromella, The Head of Sustainability at The Datai Langkawi, Malaysia. With his passion for the environment, he will bring us to explore the world of recycling and upcycling procedure.

Watch it here.

Hornbill Conservation (with YRE Malaysia)

Date: 23rd July 2020 Time: 9:00 AM CEST

Speaker: Irshad Mobarak 

Description: The world's hornbill population is decreasing in number due to habitat loss and illegal hunting, especially in places without adequate wildlife protection laws. Join us today as we learn more about this majestic flyer with Irshad Mobarak, Resident Naturalist at The Datai Langkawi, Malaysia. With 23 years of experience gained from immersing himself in the natural world, he has contributed to many nature documentaries seen on Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the BBC. Now, he is eager to introduce to us the hornbills, the danger faced by these exotic birds and how we can help to change the future of the birds.

Watch it here.

Coral Conservation - How CSR Helps the Rejuvenation of Corals

Date: 9th July 2020

Speaker: Nicole Lim Wei Chen

Description: Hosted by YRE Malaysia, Assistant Nature Centre Manager and Marine Biologist Nicole Lim Wei Chen shares her experience in marine conservation. From working in turtle conservation at Borneo’s northern-most corporate CSR of a Khazanah’s subsidiary, her line of work involves engaging and educating people of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Now a full time marine biologist at The Datai Langkawi, a nature retreat dedicated to conservation and sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, Nicole is able to to share her passion and knowledge with people from all walks of life. Her focus now is to advocate for sustainable fishing practices in Langkawi and to conserve the highly diverse marine life at Datai Bay.

Watch it here.

Inspiring students with a real life story of clean energy innovation

Date: 7th July

Speakers: Noel Dockstader and Quinn Kanaly filmmakers of Point of no return documentary

Description: Point of No Return, explores what it takes for two Swiss pilots and their team to achieve the impossible to prove the potential of clean energy. You will be introduced to inquiry-based hands-on curriculum and education materials that will empower your students to harness their imaginations to collaborate and innovate solutions for a more sustainable world. 

Watch it here.

Link to website:

“Crossing Borders” with Jon A. Juárez

Date: 1st July

Speaker: Jon A. Juárez : A biologist on paper but a photographer at heart. Jon also has great interest in social causes, and has actively participated in different projects in the German capital involving refugee children introducing them to photography.

Description: In this webinar Jon tells us the story about how he built a project on photography of foxes in the refugees camps of Berlin. A touching and inspiring story.

Watch it here.

Answers from question asked during the webinar.

Webinar in partnership with Youth Photo Festival

The mental and physical benefits of outdoor education

Date: 2nd and 16th june


Freddie Lymeus is a licensed psychologist doing researches in the benefits of natural environments on student’s restoring capacities

Rachel Geary worked as International LEAF Director and returned to Ireland in 2016, where she now coordinates the LEAF programme at a national level.

Description: This webinar will explore the links between natural settings and increased positive mental and physical health.

Watch it here.

Presentation from speakers:

Extra webinar - Wildlife and Conservation photography

Date: 19th May


Danny Gibson of DGPix a photographer who concentrates on wildlife and outdoor imagery

Anthony Ochieng’ is a Wildlife Ecologist, Conservation Photographer and Filmmaker.

Description: In this webinar you will get specific tips on macro photography (close-ups) to be able to photograph local wildlife, including the tiniest insects! You will also learn about Conservation Photography which is a way of connecting people with conservation science at a personal level by capturing the passion of the people involved in the conservation efforts.

Watch it here.

Extra Webinar - In the field: Mobile Journalism

Date: 6th May

Speaker: James O’Hagan is a features reporter in Euronews' Dubai bureau.

Description: Mobile journalism (or ‘mo-jo’) is an emerging form of storytelling where reporters use portable electronic devices such as smart phones, cameras and laptops to gather, edit and distribute news from his or her community. As a Young Reporter for the Environment, you are most likely already a mo-jo reporter!

Watch it here.

Presentation from the speaker (really interesting points for YRE students to remember)

Fostering civic participation through agriculture education in urban schools

Date: 5th May

Presenters: Alex Kudryavtsev is an environmental education researcher in the Civic Ecology Lab at Cornell University. Aleksandar Novović is a politologist and social and environmental activist from Montenegro. Part of his activism is oriented in a field of informal and formal environmental education in schools

Description: Can urban agriculture in schools not only grow vegetables, but also nurture the next generation of environmental citizens? In this webinar, we will discuss a research project that explores how school gardens and indoor agriculture in classrooms are fostering civic participation among youth.

Watch it here.

Answers from speakers to the questions raised during the webinar.

In the newsroom - Writing captions for photos and videos

Date: 29th April

Presenter: James O'Hagan is a features reporter in Euronews' Dubai bureau.

Description: During this webinar, you will get a unique opportunity to learn about the work in a newsroom. You will discover how to tell a story using images, footage and graphics to deliver a powerful and direct message, both in and outside the field.

Watch it here.

Project Based learning (PBL) as a method for 21st century skills

Date: 7th and 21st April

Presenter: Suzie Boss is a writer and educational consultant from the U.S. who focuses on the power of teaching and learning to improve lives and transform communities.

Description: Project-Based Learning is a student-centred approach to learning, where students gain knowledge and practice skills through real-life experiences and find solutions to real-world problems. This webinar will walk participants through the basics of this teaching method and why it works.

Watch it here.

Being a young influencer on social media

Date: 20th April

Huligani iz Gimnazije (Haris Mehović and Emerald Podbićanin)

Kristin Rodrigo: YRE alumni and The sassy zoologist on youtube.

Description: During this webinar, we will have the chance to discuss and learn from 3 different influent young people on Youtube and other social medias. They will share their story and experiences on YouTube and social media based on being young YouTubers and influencers with showing parts of their videos

Watch it here.

Podcasting is the new sexy

Date: 16th April

Presenter: Paula Cordeiro is a faculty lecturer and a passionate entrepreneur building an audio storytelling business.

Description: On this short webinar the goal is to improve your knowledge and skills about podcasting and how podcasting is the XXI newsmaking and storytelling tool.

Watch it here.

Indoor Photography

Date : 1st April

Presenter: Vinh Le Canadian creative Director & Environmental Designer at Level Studio Inc and YRE alumni

Description: How can you take a good photo when you have to say home these day? Vinh will put a particular focus on teaching how to take photos in a confined space and how you can take advantage of that by documenting sustainable practices at home.

Watch it here.

Education for Advancing Circular Economy

Dates : 10th March and 24th March


Harisson Wavell  Schools & Colleges programme Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Dr Pramod Kumar Sharma Senior Director of Education at the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Description :This webinar explores the concept of a circular economy, a new and emerging perspective on sustainability. The perspective is built on the natural world where everything is seen as a resource for the next level of the food chain resulting in zero waste.

Watch it here.

How to report from a campaign ? How to write a successful story?

Dates : 11th February and 25th February

Presenters: Pedro Marcellino

Description: During this webinar, YRE-alumni P.J. Marcellino (Pedro), an experienced former journalist, and currently a writer and film director, runs through some hacks and secrets for a good story. Like that simple thought of not stopping at your first draft, but practicing it in order to make your story, The Good Story. 

Watch it here.

How to teach about waste management in the curriculum

Dates: 26 November & 10 December 2019

Presenters: Mushtaq Ahmed (UNEP), Pramod Kurma Sharma (FEE) & three different school teachers

Description: During this webinar an introduction to waste management topics will be presented along with some educational material, waste and litter school examples.

Watch it here.

How to promote a campaign at schools, at home and at local communities? How to promote a campaign on social media?

Dates: 14 & 28 January 2020

Presenters: Christopher Slaney (Journalist) & Allison Gacad (YRE Alumni)

Description: If you want to make a change, you need to convince people to read your story. But how to make it successfully? During this webinar, students will be introduced to the important aspect of disseminating their stories on a local level, with a special focus on social media.

Watch it here.

Celebrate Your Trash Hacks : Webinar for sharing, inspiring and calling for change ( with the UNESCO ASPnet)

Date: 11th May 2021

Description: this online event presented an opportunity for UNESCO Associated Schools, FEE Eco-schools and all others involved in the Trash Hack Campaign to come together and celebrate their Trash Hacks, share some good practice examples and encourage others to act.

Watch it here

Educational Uses of Theatre and Drama with Roustabout

Date: 11th May 2021

Toby Hulse,
playwright and director
Shaelee Rooke
, actor, producer and creator of sketch show comedy.

Description: The webinar looked at the various uses of theatre and drama as a tool for education, with a focus on environmental education, and our recent production of Michael Foreman's Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish.  We will discuss the differences between learners as audience members, and as active participants in dramatic activity.  We will also look at my work training non-specialist teachers to use drama as a creative context for learning in the classroom.

Find more information about Roustabout here.