Young Reporters for the Environment

Empowering young people to take a stand!

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an award-winning programme coordinated by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The programme empowers young people to take an educated stand on environmental issues they feel strongly about and gives them a platform to articulate these issues through the media of writing, photography or video. 

How does it work?

The YRE programme is run by National Operators in more than 40 countries around the world and they are the ones implementing the programme on a national level. Youth between the age of 11-25 can join the programme in these countries through their school, youth group or as individuals by contacting the relevant National Operator. Depending on the country, National Operators organise workshops and events for YRE students as well as National YRE Competitions.

The international coordination takes place at the FEE Head Office in Denmark. From here the we organise the annual International YRE Competition, develop opportunities for our YRE Alumni and send out YRE students to high-level conferences such as COP and WEEC. We also coordinate a number of partnerships and projects, including the highly acknowledged Litter Less Campaign run through YRE and Eco-Schools.


Young Reporters for the Environment empowers young people to have their say on environmental issues in their locality which they feel are not being adequately addressed. It gives them an outlet for their frustrations and a platform from which to make a difference.


Coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education and active in 42 countries worldwide, the YRE programme brings students of all backgrounds together with a sense of common purpose.


YRE helps participants to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will stand to them for the rest of their lives: communication skills, individual initiative, team work, critical analysis, social responsibility and leadership skills are all honed through involvement in the programme.


A competition is held annually to encourage young people from all over the world to push themselves to their limits in the search for a story which will ultimately bring to the fore a real and current local environmental issue.

Find here the Young Reporters for the Environment brochure 2022