In 2018 St Peter’s College in New Zealand implemented a large number of Litter Less activities, which focused on sustainability. They changed the school bin system and then implemented a programme to inform the staff and students on how the new bin system worked. The school reduced waste to landfill by approx. 1.5 tonnes. Students also produced a poster using the packaging and products sold by the school tuck-shop to inform students about the correct bin for each type of waste.

Moreover, they built waste stations to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and began a planting project. They installed a raised vegetable bed and worm farms, and the vegetables grown were donated to the Auckland City Mission.

The most popular initiative was the ‘Golden Ticket promotion’: In an attempt to get students to actually notice litter, ‘Golden Tickets’ containing various prizes were hidden around the school at rubbish ‘hotspots’.