NATURE CONSERVATION AT RISK (Slovakia) Category: Loss of Biodiversity

YRE Competition 2022
2nd Place - reportage video
19-25 years old

By Mária Jánošíková

The area around the cottage hamlet of Čierny Potok among the Súľovské Rocks in Slovakia is ranked at the fourth level of protection. Yet, reducing the level of protection to level two is being considered. This would allow for greater and irreversible interventions in the environment.

 This endangered area with insufficient environmental protection is not unique in Slovakia. There are other areas at risk, including the Tatra Mountains.

Under the legislation it is only allowable to reduce the level of protection if the subject matter of protection ceases to exist, which has not happened in this case. The Súľovské Rocks are home to many legally protected species, including the Late Spider Orchid [Ophrys holubyana] and the Fly Orchid [Ophrys insectefera L.], which are among the most valuable species of orchids.

Video, 19-25 years

1st Place

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2nd Place

Title: Nature Conservation at Risk

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