YRE is off to the Youth Mundus festival next week

YRE is proud to be involved in the first Youth Mundus festival which will take place in Rome on 14-17 of November. Youth Mundus is a new Global Content & Music Festival Initiative which will include workshops, panelist discussions, video screenings, concerts and much more - all with the aim of empowering youth!

Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) will be represented by Kristina Madsen (International YRE Coordinator) and Nicole Andreou (International Eco-Schools Coordinator) who will be running a workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Education as well as doing a Clean-Up Action as part of the Litter Less Campaign.

Two highly experienced YRE students from Malta will also be reporting from the festival. They will be doing interviews and social media updates directly from the venue. Read more about Isaac and Martina below.


Isaac Sam Camilleri:
My name is Isaac. I am a 16-year-old college student studying Maths and Physics. This will be my first time as a YRE International representative, but definitely not the first time working as a YRE. Some of my work includes investigating the EU milk and vegetable scheme which was a scheme that sent mixed messages because it taught children that fruit/vegetables and milk are good for you while providing a plastic container to each child. The other major thing I worked on is seeing what my home town local council (Valletta) did to be more environmentally active and report that to the citizens to let them know how it affected the environment and then leave them to decide if they want to keep the same or change.


Martina Mifsud:
Hi! It's Martina, a 22-year-old YRE. I am a Dental Technologist by profession and an Explainer at an amazing interactive science museum. I believe these two jobs have taught me about the huge impact of consistent little things, and the importance of education and raising awareness. In this light, living sustainably is something I practice on a daily basis and it is an integral part of my daily decision making. I try to spread the word wherever I go, raising awareness and having informed discussions, from which I also learn a lot. I believe that getting everyone on the same page, doing the small actions, is what will ultimately make the difference.