On Wednesday 28th November at about 11:30 the Eko Skola and 3A, 4A, 5A students joined up together for St Lucia clean up event. From our school we walked to St Lucia local council to get gloves, pickers, garbage bags and recycling bags. We started cleaning round the playground and football ground area. We found may plastic bottles, cigarettes, lighters, tin cans, cartons, glass, paper, make-up, small piece of tile, parts of a fans, tin box, jablo, kids toys and ceramic flowers. We were surprised and appalled at the kind of rubbish that people decide to toss on the ground, instead of in a bin!! In all, we collected 16 green garbage bags and one black garbage bag, which contained mixed waste.   This activity made us aware of the need to keep our environment clean and that it really does not take much to put your waste in a bin!

A giant Christmas Tree was made our of collected plastic bottles to spread awareness on how to reuse material, and at the same time draw attention on the amount of bottles we are throwing away.

Read the news in the “Times of malta”.