Gozo College Middle School started the Campaign with a clean-up in Gozo where students became more aware of the amounts of litter in the area. Articles about the clean-up were published in local newspapers (see e.g. Times of Malta) and students were invited on local TV programmes. 

The school also focused on how to reduce waste by reusing materials for various items. The students in Year 7 and Year 8 brought used glass jars to be reused in school. These students were involved in making carob syrup and reused glass jars and other items for packaging during the school year. Hardly any new material was used for the whole project in packaging the products produced by the students themselves. Used wooden boxes from shops were used to hold jars in. The packaging was designed by the students themselves making use only of old/used materials.

The eco-school committee has teamed up with all year 7 students and through an entrepreneurship project worked on Green Business with the main aim being that of reducing litter. Recycled materials such as glass jars, milk cartons, tin lids, glass bottles and wood pellets were transformed into innovative useful products.

Last but not least, all students, teachers and school staff were given a free stainless steel travel cup to use instead of disposable cups, both for cold and hot drinks, therefore saving  the production of disposable cups, as well as helping to reduce litter. The travel cups were sponsored by the Litter Less funds.