Open-hearted to the ocean (France)

YRE Competition 2021
1st Place - LLC video reportage
15–18 years old

With the Covid-19 epidemic, our habits have changed. Among them, the compulsory wearing of a mask. Surgical masks are essentially made of plastic, which poses a problem: Currently, NGOs estimate that 1.5 billion of these masks were released into the oceans during the year 2020. Faced with this situation, we wondered about this pollution and its consequences, and how to limit it. In search of answers and solutions, our team of reporters set out to meet specialists. So come with us to open your heart to the ocean.


Video, 15-18 years

1st Place (as Reportage Video)
Title: Open-hearted to the oceans
Country: France

Honourable mention

Title: Littering is not our culture – reportage
Country: India

From the Seine River to the Pacific Ocean (France)

YRE International Competition - Litter Less Campaign
1st Place (as a reportage)
11–14 years old

Directed by 6th grade students from the EREA Françoise Dolto from Sotteville les Rouen (Seine-Maritime)

It all started with a garbage collection in the playground and a question: "What if we don't collect it, what happens to our plastic waste ?" "

Tracing the journey of a bottle from the banks of the Seine to the seas and oceans and the pupils could see that, nowadays, there is nothing romantic about throwing a bottle in the sea.

Fortunately across the planet, many associations are mobilizing to fight against this pollution and protect endangered species.

Recycled Wood Furniture (France)

YRE Competition 2020 - Litter Less Campaign
1st Place
15-18 years old

Directed by Quentin Gerault, Killian Charton and Charly Narayassamy, Young Reporters for the Environment of Caen (Calvados)

The forest absorbs a lot of CO2, it is the second carbon sink after the oceans. But then how to protect it ? Quentin, Killian and Charly, 3 students, studied existing solutions within the Normandy territory. There, initiatives were launched to create furniture… in recycled wood! Benefits noted by an association specializing in forests.

By: Quentin Gerault, Killian Charton and Charly Narayassamy

One meal, a lot of garbage! (Israel)

YRE Competition 2019 - Litter Less Campaign
1st Place
11-14 years old

Reut school, Menashe, Israel

Garbage! The more advanced and richer you are, you produce more of it.

Each of us produces an average of 1.7 kg of waste per day. It's really a lot of garbage!! So, maybe we should consider how we can reduce it ...

Our video deals with the consumption of products with unnecessary packaging that fill the school bins and in general. Hope that the message will pass, and people will prefer to consume products without packaging.

Food waste crime report (Northern Ireland)

YRE Competition 2018
Litter Less Campaign
1st Place as a campaign video
11-14 years old

In this video, two students report on the escalating crime of food wastage that has infiltrated all levels of modern society. The video addresses the problems caused by food wastage economically, environmentally and morally and then focuses on the villainous practices in our local homes, schools and supermarkets that are collectively contributing to the rapidly growing global food waste footprint. The video challenges the viewer to consider whether they are the hero or the villain when it comes to the felony of food wastage! It may make uncomfortable viewing!

Greasy trash (Malta)

YRE Competition 2018
Litter Less Campaign
1st Place as a reportage video
15-18 years old

How should burnt oil be thrown away? Can we recycle it? These are the questions that our students asked and researched after noticing the amount of oil that is thrown away. The research involved internet research, vox pops, an online survey, interviews to WasteServ and an interview to the Mayor of the locality. Towards the end of the video the students created a short tutorial on how oil should be disposed of correctly.