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Bench with a view? (Malta)

YRE International Competition - Litter Less Campaign
Honourable mention as a photo story of 3-5 photos
11-25 years old

Strolling around St Thomas Bay in Marsascala is a treat. But what is the view from this bench? After the weekend, near this bench all you could see was rubbish! Pizza box, wrappers, beer cans and soft drink bottles. Why? The Maltese should be ‘staying home’ but some people are still going out and eating their ‘take-aways’ out in the fresh air. What they are NOT doing is disposing of their litter properly! All that rubbish can easily blow away in the sea! The disgrace of it all? The Marsaskala Local Council have installed bins near EVERY BENCH! As you can see from the photos, there are bins everywhere so there is NO excuse not to dispose of the waste properly! Thumbs Up for the Local Council of Marsascala! Thumbs Down to the public who have forgotten how to use bins during this pandemic!

Recycling makes good business sense, saves earth's resources, a source of livelihood for many (India)

YRE Competition - Litter Less Campaign
1st Place as reportage photo
19-25 years old

Recycling saves earth's resources, provides work to many people mainly in the unorganized sector, and can be a profitable business too! Material like glass and metal can be melted, reshaped and recycled. They could be repurposed and also up-cycled into useful products. Segregated waste material helps in ensuring its efficient use.

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