S. Seyfullin Secondary School (Burabay village),  which joined this year's Litter Less campaign, was a meeting place for participants from other schools: L. Tolstoy School-Gymnasium #4 and Y. Gagarin Secondary school from Stepnogorsk city. In addition, other schools, who are not participants of the YRE programme yet, but are interested in it, were invited to the meeting: Chshuchinsk secondary schools № 1, 2 and 6, Zelenoborsk school and Okazhetpes school.
At this meeting, YRE students and teacher shared experience  and result of their work in Litter Less campaign , as well as conducted training workshops for students of different age. The primary school students learned to create a filter for water from improvised means, students of 5-7 grades were involved in active game and the older ones discussed the topic "The ideal reporter, the ideal article, the perfect photo and video" during workshop conducted by students and teachers from L. Tolstoy School-Gymnasium #4 .
 "Throughout the event, there was a feeling of benevolence, openness, attention genuine interest, activity and enthusiasm of children in the performance of tasks," -  Viktor Maslov, one of workshop leaser, expressed his opinion on the event.