National Winners Workshop

The National Winners workshop was the highlight of the campaign. Students traveled from the whole country to share their ideas and engage in a hands-on workshop.

The workshop and award ceremony was split into four sections over the course of the day with complementary approaches to the litter and waste theme taking place:

  • An introduction to Ireland's new recycling list including an interactive presentation on what the correct materials are to go in to the green recycling bin.
  • A writer's masterclass given by Sylvia Thompson Environmental Features Writer for the Irish Times. 
  • A hands-on workshop on SDG 12 - Sustainable Consumption and Production designed specifically for the YRE Litter Less Campaign and delivered by Valerie Lewis, formerly of Irish Aid.
  • Presentations of the winning articles, videos and photos with presentation of awards by Leah Mullaley of Keeling, the Wrigley representative company in Ireland.