Introduction for International Schools

Education for Sustainable Development through the Foundation for Environmental Education

Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world's largest environmental education organisation, with members in over 78 countries. Through our groundbreaking programmes, we empower people to take meaningful and purposeful action to help create a more sustainable world.

As an International School, by registering with our organisation you can participate in the following three programmes:

  • Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools programme – it starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging the next generation in action-based learning. The Eco-Schools programme is designed to suit all schools whether they are a nursery, primary school, secondary school, further education college, university or a school with special status.

  • Learning about Forests (LEAF) advocates outdoor learning and hands-on experiences which result in the pupils getting a deeper and more involved understanding of the natural world. While the focus of the LEAF programme is on tree-based ecosystems, the skills and knowledge acquired can be applied to any natural environment.

  • Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) gives young people a platform to research environmental issues and promote solutions. The programme empowers young people to take an educated stand on environmental issues they feel strongly about and gives them a platform to articulate these issues through the media of writing, photography or video.  

How can International Schools join FEE’s 3 educational programmes?

International Schools can join the Eco-Schools, LEAF and YRE programmes. However, there is a difference in the structure when it comes to International Schools. This adaptation makes it possible for International Schools in countries without a National Operator to join our programmes and be managed by the FEE Head Office.


You can check if your country has a national organisation here.

Any questions? Please contact Arnau Macià at

A partnership we value


The International Schools Association (ISA) believes that education is the best instrument to build a better world. Living in peace is achieved by working together and celebrating our cultural diversity and similarity. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and ISA entered a MOU with the aspiration to achieve shared goals within the field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).