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Impact measurement

This brochure explains the objectives, methods and results of the impact assessment of the Litter Less Campaign Phase IV.

You will also learn about the efforts that FEE, together with the Mars Wrigley Foundation, make to educate for positive change around the world.


Implemented through the Young Reporters for the Environment and Eco-Schools programmes, the Litter Less Campaign offers a transformative educational approach to issue of litter and waste in schools and communities.

The newest report evaluates the Litter Less Campaign through the lens of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), highlighting best practices that support education, address the issues of litter and waste and promote sustainable development.

Litter and Waste Lesson Plans

These lesson plans have been developed to support the aims of the Litter Less Campaign. The lesson plans are based on the YRE methodology and for the age groups: 11-14, 13-16 and 15-18 years.

Find below the list of all Lesson Plans.

Remember to first read the Index and Introduction

1. Earth Cycle of Resources 7. Hazardous Waste

2. Waste Management 8. Sustainability and Waste

3. Litter 9. Marine Waste

4. Packaging 10. E-waste

5. Sustainable Consumption 11. Global Treaties, Policies and

6. Learning to be an Environmental Journalist Legislation

Please note that Lesson Plans are available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

You can access Lesson Plans by clicking here or on the image.

Flyer for teachers

The Litter Less Campaign, which was launched in 2011, has just entered its fifth phase and will be implemented in 7 Eco-Schools and 4 YRE countries until 2025. The campaign is a joint initiative between the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and the Mars Wrigley Foundation.

This flyer is for teachers and educators, to help them launching the Litter Less Campaign in their schools and communities.