Five alternative solution models to the eco-apocalypse from the new rurals (Turkey)

YRE Competition 2020
Photo reportage of 3-5 photos

In Turkey, for the last 20 years, the new rurals/new pioneers who started back-to-the-land movement have applied alternative models against ecological apocalypse. New rurals are certain that by 2030, the world will struggle with the problems of drought, famine, climate crisis, immigration, diseases and etc., invite everyone immediately to have eco-consciousness!

Authors: Elif Pınar Sevinç, Tarık Bayri, İlker Can Koçulu, Selin Gürel, Ozan Gümüşoğlu, Ayşenur Ataseven, Alperen Alaş, Emre Uzunoğlular, Aytek Başkan, Şevval İpek, Harun Gecü, Zeynep Lara Yüce