“FEARLESS” RESCUER (Slovakia) Category: Loss of Biodiversity

YRE Competition 2022
2nd Place - video reportage
11-14 years old

By Hanka Zubová

Every animal has its own important place in nature. If its numbers suddenly dropped, the entire ecosystem could be significantly disrupted. This is also the case with frogs, which are important not only as food for a number of animals, but also because the frogs in turn eat an enormous amount of insects over their lives. If this species were endangered, it would quickly manifest itself in nature. Therefore, even small animals such as these need to be helped. This is especially the case when we build roads through their spring migration routes, which result in the massive deaths of frogs under the wheels of vehicles. Every year, in various places throughout Slovakia, frog rescues are carried out. These animals are carried across the road to nearby ponds or rivers. Young Environmental Reporters also joined such a frog rescue. However, not every reporter was excited about this idea - especially one who doesn't like frogs and doesn't want to catch them. There's nothing left but to steel one's resolve and grit one's teeth. That's what reporter Hanka Zubová did.

Video, 11-14 years

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