Environmentally friendly receipts in France!

In France, a group of eight 11-year old students implemented their YRE project during a course entitled ‘Scientific Workshop’, coordinated by their Technology teacher.

After identifying that the majority of people were not familiar with climate change, its causes and consequences, students decided to find ways to create an impact on the general public regarding these issues. They found an original idea: to print some tips that would contribute to the campaign against climate change on receipts (proofs of purchase). They printed, for instance «Have you thought about reducing the radiator temperature before leaving home? ».

They, then, created a website, where they published more tips. Three shops decided to print the students’ advice on their receipts, along with the website link for up to two weeks. This initiative created the potential for great impact, as it helped raise awareness among customers and encouraged ecological behaviour.

Check the website for more information.