Educational Principles

The Foundation for Environmental Education, has agreed upon these eight Educational Principles to guide (pdf) our work towards excellence in Environmental Education/Education for Sustainable Development.  We express our commitment to follow and champion these Principles in our programmes.

  1. Ensure that participants are engaged in the learning/teaching process

  2. Empower participants to take informed decisions and actions on real life sustainability issues

  3. Encourage participants to work together actively and involve their communities in collaborative solutions

  4. Support participants to examine their assumptions, knowledge, and experiences, in order to develop critical thinking, and to be open to change

  5. Encourage participants to be aware of cultural practices as an integral part of sustainability issues

  6. Encourage participants to share inspirational stories of their achievements, failures, and values, to learn from them, and to support each other

  7. Continuously explore, test, and share innovative approaches, methodologies, and techniques

  8. Ensure that continuous improvements through monitoring and evaluation are central to our programmes

Take a look at the video below where our President and former President talk about the Educational Principles.