Corporate Partners

Corporate partners are crucial to the global success enjoyed by the Foundation for Environmental Education and its programmes. Working closely with environmentally conscientious organisations is a mutually beneficial arrangement that helps us to broaden our reach while affording our partners the chance to highlight on the world stage their dedication to environmental concerns.

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The Mars Wrigley Foundation partners with organizations around the world to help people and communities flourish. Founded in 1987, the Foundation works to provide oral health education and care, improve lives in mint- and cocoa-growing regions, prevent litter and waste, and create vibrant communities.  

The Mars Wrigley Foundation has supported the FEE Eco-Schools and YRE Litter Less Campaign since 2011. Over the past ten years, the Litter Less Campaign has been run in over 40 countries world-wide, engaging over 4 million youth in the process. Today, it is being implemented through 12 countries running the Eco-Schools programme and 11 countries running the YRE programme. Through the campaign, students are empowered to understand the key issues surrounding litter and waste in their communities, thereby driving individual and community actions that focus on consuming less, recycling more, tackling waste issues, and fostering long term behavior change.

β€œThe Mars Wrigley Foundation is proud to reach the ten year milestone of the Litter Less Campaign with FEE. We appreciate our partnership and the millions of students around the world who have been catalysts for positive change by driving education and action that benefits us all. Because in the world we want tomorrow, the planet is healthy. And we all have a responsibility to reduce waste, eliminate litter and care for our communities.”

- Anne Vela-Wagner, Executive Director, Mars Wrigley Foundation

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If you are interested in partnering or collaborating with the Young Reporters for the Environment programme, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.