Climate Change & Southern Voices

Climate change, species extinction and global inequality - clarifying complex phenomena and their interconnections can be challenging. The Foundation for Environmental Education Finland (FEE Suomi) and the Siemenpuu Foundation offer a multidisciplinary learning module for holistic climate education.

The learning module is targeted to upper comprehensive schools and upper secondary institutions. During the module, students get familiarised with the causes, effects and solutions of climate change. They are guided to reflect on climate justice and the interconnections of phenomena related to climate change and sustainable development. To bring the reflections into action, the students realize a YRE project. However, differing from the baseline YRE approach, the starting point for the project is a perspective of the Global South.

YRE teachers and educators can adopt the module with the help of:

  1. A lesson plan for the learning module

  2. A variety of teaching materials

  3. Videos on the themes of energy, forests and food

Short exercises and background materials are also available on the Climate Change and Southern Voices web page.

The project was funded through the Frame, Voice, Report! project of the European Union.