Clean water - a given in the future? (Sweden)

YRE Competition 2018
1st Place as a campaign photo
15-18 years old

Every day in Sweden, around 350 million litres drinkable water disappear down the drain while 2.1 billion people worldwide suffer from a lack of clean drinking water. According to the sixth global goal, world leaders have decided that by the year 2030 the entire world should have access to clean water and sanitation. At the same time, we in Sweden overconsume clean water like never before. Do Swedes really need to flush the toilet as many times a day as we actually do, and why do we not use sea or waste water in our toilets?

In fact, a huge amount of energy and money goes towards cleaning all the water we flush down our toilets. This is money which could actually be saved and instead put towards, on the one hand, helping those without clean drinking water today and, on the other, creating a more sustainable future.


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Made by students from Sweden.