YRE International Competition is on the way!

YRE International competition is open to youth aged 11-21 in countries running the YRE programme. The competition is held annually to recognise the great work being done by motivated Young Reporters around the world. This year, the International Jury meeting will be held on 26 May at Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Head Office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Jury consists of representatives from various international organisations. The result will be announced no later than 5 June, and the winners will receive recognition and prizes. 

The Competition includes the winners of the YRE National Competitions. Students participating in the YRE programme in each country have the right to participate in the National Competition. Students that enter and are selected as the national winners are put forward to the International Competition. Please contact the YRE National Operator in your country for more information on YRE National Competition.