Students were invited to participate in a workshop at Reverse Garbage, a creative reuse centre that teaches alternative ways to reduce waste and creates change in the way resources are looked at. They were taught to turn waste into works of art. They created their own artwork through a process of experimentation with everyday discards.

Students also learnt innovative low-waste construction techniques (the workshop is tape-free and glue-free) and an understanding of material manipulation, experimentation and repetition. They developed problem-solving skills in art, design and visual realization.

Among the fantastic creations, there was a very effective one of a turtle entangled in net. Not only did it represent a very topical issue related to marine pollution we are facing currently, but the creation itself was made with the discarded items most present on our oceans, e.g. bottle tops, plastic straws, disposable cutlery and produce net mesh bags.

YRE Australia -national winners 1.jpg