A documentary by young environmental filmmakers in Greece!

The Geography class in Egnatia High School, Thessaloniki, conducted a survey about the Koronia Lake and the environmental problems it has been facing through the years. As reported by The Guardian, Koronia had lost a third of its surface area in the last 30 years and has suffered from increasingly intensive agriculture and the growth of industry.

Students wanted to approach the story of the lake from the human perspective and record the experiences of people living close to it.

Students acted as real journalists. They were split into groups, each with a specific assignment: to investigate, take pictures and videos, to create a documentary, create a model of the lake and to do interviews. They collected and edited information about the lake, with which they made posters and displayed everything in an exhibition.

They did interviews with the local citizens in the community and with scientists about the environmental problem of the Koronia Lake. They talked about its protection, or the failure to protect it, what may be the future of the area and their feelings about this catastrophe. They then created a documentary with all the information they had gathered and pledged to continue their work to change the situation.