4 YREs covering COP26 and FEE holding a conference!!!

4 Young Reporter for the Environment will take part in COP26 and cover the event! They are all from the UK due to Covid restrictions but also because it is better in terms of carbon footprint! Let’s remind that COP26 takes place in Glasgow, Scotland!

Callum Alexander from Scotland, Jessie Stevens from England, Maria Aaroy and Emer Rafferty both from Northern Ireland will act as YRE (and even more) during the event.

They will attend conferences, make interviews, explore the blue zone (where there is the YRE exhibition for instance), explore the green zone (where FEE is holding a conference), report on the COP, act as speakers in several events and so much more! Ambassadors of the YRE programme, they are also representing the youth who call to fight against climate change!

Presentations of the students

Jessie Stevens

I am a keen Walker and cyclist and love to explore green spaces.

My name is Jessie and I am a youth climate activist passionate about people-led decision making, the youth voice and getting more youth representation in the media.
I am the founder of the movement People Pedal Power, which led me to cycle 570 miles (917kms) to COP26. Through my activism I do a lot of writing, and now filmmaking to try and highlight the need for greater youth representation in all aspects of climate politics and other sectors.

Emer Rafferty

I am a determined, passionate and ambitious young advocate for our planet, on a quest to ensure that our people get the healthy planet, thriving economy and bright future that they deserve. Having been chosen as a UK COP26 OSG Climate Ambassador, a 30 Under 30 Global environmental educator, the first Translink Changemaker ambassador and a speaker at several Climate events, I have been findings ways to support others; businesses, politicians and ordinary people, take the lead on climate solutions.  

I am looking forward to being a YRE to spread the hope, the buzz and the ambition all across the country!

Callum Alexander

My name is Callum Alexander, I live in Perth and Kinross in Scotland and I am very excited to be attending COP26 in my home country. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain such valuable knowledge and understanding of the world's most pivotal issues. I am very much looking forward to meeting like minded people from across the globe so that we can all learn and collaborate together.

Maria Aaroy

I am a 19 year old Young Person from Belfast who has worked mainly with young people trying to increase engagement and proper action on climate change. I have furthered my engagement by becoming the Chair of the Youth Working Group in Climate Action and the Youth Commissioner on the Belfast Climate Commission.

We are looking forward to following their adventure live on Facebook @yre.global and Instagram @yre_int and to reading their reports on Exposure afterwards.

Find out already the first article related to the COP: What are the Danish government’s ambitions for COP26? by YRE International - Exposure

About the conference that will be held by FEE

The theme of COP 26, ‘Together for Our Planet’ provides an important platform to showcase the impacts being created by the network of FEE and explain how each programme is driving the agenda of Climate Action. FEE has prioritised Climate Change, along with Biodiversity Loss and Pollution, as key areas of urgent action for its 10-year strategy – GAIA 20:30.

Through panel presentations, the event will showcase stories of positive actions from around the world. It will bring together voices of different stakeholders such as youth leaders from Eco-Schools, managers of Green Key awarded establishments, municipalities with Blue Flag accredited sites and Young Reporters for the Environment.

The event will explore how the FEE network is able to make an impact at a global scale with common principles and goals to achieve a sustainable world. It will connect the global impact FEE is creating through stories of change supported by local examples from stakeholders from the UK.

You can follow the event online! It will take place on the 2nd of November, at 4:30 pm CEST!

We are looking forward to attending the conference!!!