3+1 ways in which Slovakian schools incorporated the YRE programme into their curriculum

We have seen a lot of ways in which a teacher, a student, or a group of them, can come up with ideas to bring environmental issues into the classroom. Environmental topics, like the causes and effects of environmental disasters, global warming and climate change, fit into different contexts, and students can work on them under different lenses.

- In Chemistry class in schools in Slovakia, students attended lectures by older students on waste separation and recycling, and were then asked to make posters, presentations, and create comics.

- During Language and Literature class, students were given the chance to become familiar with different styles of writing, and to develop their own journalistic skills through analysing articles, writing articles themselves for the school magazine, and understanding how the press works.

- In the Geography class, as part of the chapter 'Regional Geography of my Municipality' teenage students were asked to map out the local illegal dumping sites and write reports.

- Lastly, the IT class helped with the dissemination of results on environmental research. The students prepared presentations on waste separation and on minimising waste, which they later talked about in a School Waste Conference.