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In order to strengthen students' awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, Xinghe Experimental Primary School carried out garbage reduction publicity and learning activities. To guide students start classifying garbage, recycling and reducing paper waste, and protecting the environment from their own in daily life.

On March 14, a variety of recyclable bins appeared in the classes of Xinghe Experimental Primary School, divided into paper recycling bins and plastic and metal recycling bins. While the original trash bins in the classroom were used as non-recyclable bins. Under the guidance of senior students, junior students understand the significance and basic knowledge of garbage reduction. At noon, the children took part in the garbage reduction signature event in the Starbucks Square, and engraved their determination with tender strokes ‘garbage reduction, starting from me’. At the parent-teacher meeting in the evening , parents also show their support on signature cloths.

Garbage reduction is a major project of far-reaching significance for the benefit of future generations, which requires the participation of us all. The children of Xinghe call on everyone to join hands, consciously classify the garbage to protect the beautiful Mother Earth.